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11/02/2016 - !!! PROMO-NECRO !!! more than 300 CD's at 3 € & 5 € only !!! PROMO-NECRO :

ALL CD's at 3 €:

AB:NORM "Inside" CD - Modern Death Metal. [Label: Show No Mercy] Germany 2000

ABIGAIL / IRONFIST / DEIFAGO "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whorslaughters" CD - Three Asian Black/Thrash Masters On The Same CD! Near one hour of total audio mayhem! Limited to 666 handnumbered copies. [Label: Slava] 2008

ABOMINANT "Ungodly" CD - Intense and dark Death Metal [Label: Deathgasm] USA 2000

ABOMINANT "Upon black horizons" CD - Raw and barbaric Death Metal [Label: Deathgasm] USA 2002

ABSONUS NOCTIS "Penumbral Inorgantia" CD - Depressive Black Metal with an occult atmosphere. [Label: Wraith] USA 2005

ACRIMONIOUS "Perdition Gospel" MCD - Previously released as a demo tape on Nuclear Winter rekordz, 4 tracks of adoration for the Devil and His work. Inspired by bands like Watain or Dissection. [Label: Salvation] Greece 2006

ADMORTEM "Living Through Blood" CD - Death metal, with in bonus a Live at Agen (Fr) [Label: Adipocere]

AL-SIRAT "Signa Tempori" CD - Heavy/Thrash Metal with fast parts, some clean voices and technical parts. [Label: Metal Storm] Poland 1999

ALAN LAMB "Original Masters - Night Passage" CD - the raw footage as used on dorobo 011. three extended tracks of wind and wire - "night passage" 1984, "the last anzac" 1984, and live material performed at the SPring 8 synchotron, kobe japan 1997. tracklist: 01.night passage.[24:51] 02.last anzac.[12:54] 03.meditation on SPring 8.[12:11] recorded and edited by alan lamb: 1983-1997 tracks 01&02 mastered from the original analogue recordings. track 03 recorded live. +including for free: "Night passage: demixed" Four minimal dark ambient remixes of alan lamb's raw wire footage by ryoji ikeda, thomas köner, lustmord (brian williams and paul haslinger) and bernhard günter. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 1998

ALLFATHER-NEBRON-HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE-GNOSTIC "Lead Us Into War And Final Glory" CD - 4 way Split - Underground black metal, raw with no gay compromises. [Label: Dark Horizon] 2001

AMONGST THE SWARM "Crowning The Defeated" MCD - Deathcore. [Label: Skeptic] USA 2004

AMORTIS "Gift of tongues" CD - Melodic Black/Death with industrial touch [Label: Blackend] Austria 2002

ANGMAR "The Razorblade Redemption" CD - Really strange cold insane fast Black Metal. [Label: Northern Sound] Finland 2003

ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD - Experimental Grindcore. [Label: Selfmadegod] Poland 2005

ANTIGAMA "Zeroland" CD - Third album, their most accessible offering. [Label: Selfmadegod] Poland 2005

APOLION "Hungry of Souls" CD - Powerful Black Metal [Label: Bylec-Tum] Italy 2007

APOLLYON "Diaboli Gratia" MCD - (Den) - Black Metal [Label: Full Moon] Denmark 1998

ARES KINGDOM "Return To Dust" CD - Great old school Death Metal with monstruous feeling. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] U.S.A. 2006

ARES WRATH "War Bombastic Black Metal" CD - Intense Satanic War Black Metal [Label: South Satanic Terrorists] Brazil 2003

ARS INFERI "Sarcophagia" CD - [Label: Embrace my Funeral] Mexico 2011

ARS MACABRA "Daemonolatria Hypnotica" CD - Underground Italian Black Metal! [Label: Elegy Music] Italy

ARS MANIFESTA "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" CD - Raw, cold Black Metal [Label: Black Seed] 2006

ARSONIST LODGE "Perkele Antikristus ja Värä Profeetta" MCD - Grim Black Metal [Label: Hammer of Hate] Finland 2007

AUBE "Duplex-Sphere" CD - Electronica. Live recordings limited to 445 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ultra-Mail] Japan 2004

AUBE "RM4" CD - Digipack - Electronica [Label: Ultra-Mail] Japan 2002

AVATHAR "Cruzadas de fuego" CD - Weird heavy thrash dark from ecuador [Label: Metal psycho] 2003

AXON "Leper Viper" CD - Technical and Bestial Grind/Death Metal [Label: Deus Mortuus] 2003

AZARATH "Praise the Beast" CD - Satanism! Death! Blasphemy! [Label: Deathgasm] Poland 2009

AZEROTH "Live In Polygon" CD - Sympho Black Metal. [Label: Taigasounds] Russia 2000

BAND OF PAIN "Qué Amiga ?" CD - Cinematographic Ambient Music [Label: Cold Spring] United Kingdom 2003

BATTALLION "Into Harms Way" CD - Fast and melodic Black Metal. Effective but more clean than the War Metal scene. [Label: Asphyxiate] Australia 2004

BESATT "Hail Lucifer" CD - Melodic Bestial Black Metal blasting the pseudo-pagan values of nowadays [Label: Hell Attacks] Poland 1999

BLACK RAIN "Bez Ohne" CD - Black Metal [Label: Breath of Night] Czech Republic 2003

BLOOD DEVOTION "Defile of Innocence" MCD - Anti-christian Black Metal! [Label:] Russia 2008

BOWELS OUT "Enlightment Through Dismenberment" CD - Death/Grind with gore and porn themes. [Label: CDN] USA 2005

BRETT PIT "Tritonus" CD - Original Thrashcore with some ambiences. [Label: Eclipse] Germany 2001

BURIED ALIVE "Spoils of war" CD - Catchy Techno-Thrash [Label: Grade] Portugal 1999

BURIED DREAMS "Beyond your mind" CD - Melodic Death Metal [Label: Oz] 1997

CARVE "Stillborn Revelations" CD - Original Death Metal. [Label: Black Hole] Sweden 2002

CAVO "s/t" CD Slim Carton - slim 3" - Totally psychotic folk/grind music. Corrupted Side project. [Label: Shit Jam] Japan

COMA VOID "StormKing Twilight" CD - Furious Death Metal. [Label: Metal Age] USA

CYBER BAPHOMET "Directory Human Delete" CD - Satanic post-industrial Black Metal from members of Baal Zebuth, Misanthropic Art etc. Well-done! [Label: Nomos Dei] Russia 2008

DAEMONLORD "Of War And Hate..." CD - Fast Black Metal with a distorted voice. Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Heaven Ablaze] Spain 2004

DAEMONLORD/LUX FERRE/MALLEUS/MORTINATUM "Acerbus Mortis" CD - Underground union of cold Black Metal with it's handnumbered razor blade. [Label: Oniric] 2005

DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS "Junctions" CD - An ambient concept dealing with the dead souls which wonder late in these places [Label: Hymen] 2002

DEATH REALITY "Flesh Still Feeds" CD - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Remission] Germany 2002

DEBODIFIED "Utopia in the eyes of a beast" CD - Brutal Death Metal with gore voice [Label: Comatose] USA 2003

DECAYED "Hexagram" CD - Old-school mid-tempo devastation from this old band. [Label: Folter] Portugal 2007

DEFORMITY "Superior" CD - Fucking Interesting Death Metal. [Label: Displeased] Belgium 2002

DEMIURG "Bastadino" CD - (Rus) - 2004 - Eclectic extreme Metal. [Label: Serpent's Lair] 2004

DEVISER "Thy Blackest Love" CD - Melodic Black Metal. Demo and unreleased tracks. [Label: Sleazy Rider] Greece 2003

DEW OF NOTHING "Doubleweird" CD - Original Death Metal. [Label: Sempiternal] 1998

DISSIMULATION "Iškelk Ir Išniekink" MCD - Antichristian Evil Black Metal - SUPER JEWEL BOX [Label: Ledo Takas] Lithuania 2012

DITHER "Urei" CD Digipack - Digipack - Minimal Electronica with some Scorn and Autechre influences another excellent release on M-tronic. [Label: M-tronic] France 2002

DOMINI INFERI "Devil Cult" CD - The full length of Domini inferi, the solo project of Hellchrist XUL fonder member of Funeral winds. Raw and primitive music to praise Satan, to hail perversion, to blaspheme the holy trinity and it's pathetic followers... inspired by bands as Beherit, Von and old Bathory. This is the True Devil Cult. [Label: Sadolust] 2006

DOXOMEDON "Evanesce" MCD - Fast Black Metal. [Label: Dark Artz] Malaysia 1999

DRACONIS "Overlords Of The Greying Dawn" CD - Black Metal, fast and melodic. [Label: Dark Realm] USA 1997

ECHO WEST "Echoes of the West" CD - "ECHO WEST combines the elements of industrial music and cold-pop of the 80ies. Soundtechnical comparisons can be establish via older and younger groups like Dark Day, Nocturnal Emissions, SPK, Haus Arafna, November Növelet." [Label: Dark Vinyl]

ECUADOR SUBTERRANEO "Various Artists" CD - Interesting compilation with 5 underground bands from ecuador, 25 titles and the cult Total Death [Label: El Sotano] Ecuador

EMBOLISM "Mindchaos" CD - Death/Grind. [Label: Forensick] Slovakia 2002

ENSAMHET "Les siècles se sont écoulés" CD Digipack - Black Metal. [Label: D.U.K.E.] France 2005

EQUIMANTHORN "Exalted are the 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal" CD - Oriental/Dark Ritual Ambient with members of Absu, Hexentanz, The Soil Bleeds Black... etc, etc. [Label: Displeased] USA 2007

ESTUARY "To Exist And Endure" CD - Furious Death Metal with variations of tempo, melodic passages, harmonized guitars. Very well done... [Label: Ibex Moon] USA 2004

FLAGELLUM DEI "Malbork" MCD - Black Metal [Label: Autoprod] Italy 1998

FLAGELLUM DEI "Tormentor... Of The False Creator" CD - Well done antichristian Black Metal in the old way... Limited to 999 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Bloody] Portugal 2004

GLORIA MORTI "Lifestream Corrosion" CD - Powerful new-school Black/Death with some synths. [Label: World Chaos] Finland 2004

GOOSEFLESH "Welcome to suffer age" MCD - Death/Thrash Metal. [Label: Goldtrack] Sweden 1998

GRIFFIN "The Sideshow" CD - (Nor) - 2002 - Powerfull and epic Heavy Metal for the die hard ! [Label: Season of Mist] Norway 2002

GUIDANCE OF SIN "6106" CD - 2000 - Melodic swedish Death Metal. [Label: Mighty Music] 2000

GUIDANCE OF SIN "Soulseducer" CD - Melodic swedish Death Metal. [Label: Mighty Music]

HARMONY DIES "Impact" CD - (Ger) - 2003 - Brutal old school Death Metal [Label: Morbid] Germany 2003

INFERNAL LEGION "Sculptured Humans" CD - (Bel) - 2001 - Excellent Brutal Black Death. [Label: The LSP Company] Belgium 2001

INFRA BLACK "Bloodchaos" CD - Electro Indus [Label: Adipocere] Hungary

JUPITER "Demo 2005" CD Slim Carton - Romantic Neofolk [Label: n/a] Germany

KIRCHOHMFELD "Querschnitt" CD - "Cold & melodic Minimal Electronic songs in best tradition of / reference to German avantgarde / electronic bands of the 80ìes ( such as Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf, Der Plan.. ) with melancholic vocals , added by modern soundcollages, surprisingly melodies and selected lyrics from famous poem writers ( Eichendorf, ...)." [Label: Dark Vinyl] 2006

KLOR "s/t" CD Digipack - Quote: Fantastic debut of straightforward, catchy-as-hell Black Metal from Denmark that should appeal to fans of everyone from Craft to Wolves In The Throneroom. [Label: Ars Magna] Denmark 2012

LA DIVISION MENTALE "Totem Simius" MCD Digipack - Quote: LA DIVISION MENTALE is back with a new EP ! Fans of latest DODHEIMSGARD / ABORYM will probably praise their unique tunes ! Totem Simius EP deals with hypnotic, frenetic and sick music. Grab it or fucking die ! [Label: Foedus Aeternus] France 2012

LUX FERRE "Antichristian War Propaganda" CD - Fast and aggressive Black Metal in the vein of Marduk. [Label: Ketzer] Portugal 2004

MALEDICTIVE PIGS "Bloodshed" CD - Their Third Album, Death Metal is their law. [Label: Cudgel] Germany 2001

MIND CONTROL "s/t" CD - Industrial Ambient composed by Meldhkwis (Dapnom), Luc Mertz (Zarach'Baal'Taragh). [Label: Sonic Tyranny] France 2006

MISTER BONES "Monster Burn and the Power Seekers" CD - Groovy/powerful/effective Stoner Metal. [Label: Obskure Sombre] Canada 2006

NEFORMAT "Breathe with Hatred" CD - Death Metal. [Label: Blacksmith] 2005

NOMINON "Omen" MCD - 3 tracks + 1 live track of Total Swedish Death/Thrash Metal! [Label: Deathgasm] Sweden 2009

OBLITERATE "The Feelings" CD - Old school Death Metal. [Label: Erebos] Slovenia 1999

OBSCENE EULOGY "A Portal Into Fire" MCD - Black Death Metal with keys. Featuring Impaled Nazarene member. [Label: Baphomet] Finland 2002

OBSCURUS ADVOCAM "Verbia Daemonicus" CD - Black Metal in the Swedish vein by members of Glorior Belli, Temple of Baal. [Label: Battle Kommand] France 2007

ONSLAUGHT "Hell in Copenhagen" CD - Live at Copenhagen in 87 with "The Force" line up. Featuring 6 trax. [Label: Obliteration] 2006

OPPOSITION PARTY "Zombified" CD - Deathcore with good technical skills. [Label: Pulverised] Singapore 2005

OPUS LEVIATHAN / ASSUR "Dark Reborn Of Frozen Souls" CD - Split - Ethereal Black Metal with synths and slights Abigor's influences / Assur is more pagan, but in the same vein of the previous band. [Label: Mighty Hordes] Colombia 2003

PANCHRYSIA "In obscure dephts" CD - modern black metal, somewhere linkable with last Behemoth and Dark Funeral outputs [Label: Lsp]

PANDEMIA "Personal Demon" CD - Ultra brutal and dark Death Metal. Good Stuff. [Label: Lost Disciple] Cz 2002

PATHOLOGY STENCH "Accion mutante" CD - Very well-done Death Metal. Huge production. [Label: Shindy] Slovenia 2000

PERNICIOUS "Blood - Lust" CD - (Hol) - 2000 - Death Metal. [Label: n/a] 2000

PERVERSITY "In the garment of lust" CD - (Slo) - 2002 - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Perennial Quest] 2002

PSALM "Threshold of Escape" CD - (Fra) - 1997 - Death Metal with atmospheric passages. [Label: Craziness] France 1997

RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Principia Sardonica" CD - Quote from Paragon : After a long five years since their last album, Rigor Sardonicous return with their 3rd and darkest opus of Apocalyptic Doom. Imagine Thergothon, early Skepticism, Disembowelment, Symphony of Grief, and Winter stripped to its barest elements. Only for the truest of DOOM enthusiasts. [Label: Paragon] USA 2004

RUPTURE CHRIST "Molesting the entrails of the disemboweled" CD - Ultra brutal Death Metal. [Label: Sound Riot] USA 2002

SADIZTIK IMPALER "Sadiztik Syonan-To Supremacy" CD - (Sing) - 2005 - Primitive brutal Black Metal. [Label: Ketzer] 2005

SHADOWBREED "Only shadows remain" CD Digipack - Epic Death/Heavy Metal inspired by Heroïc-Fantasy [Label: Painkiller] 2000

SHADOWBREED "The light of the shadow" MCD - Thrash Metal inpired by heroïc fantasy [Label: Hammerheart] Netherlands 1999

SOLAR DAWN "Equinoctium" CD - Melodic Death Metal with clear voices [Label: Mighty Music] Sweden 2002

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "s/t" CD - Quote from the label: "Richmond Virginia’s Souvenir's Young America creates sounds that could be called electronic, metal, prog, and ambient all at once. Yet it all works together completely. Epic, spiraling dirges with keyboards, percussion, samples, guitars, accordion, xylophone, cello, and much more fill these songs. Recorded, these sounds are layered together as if creating the textures of a painting. Live they are poured out with brute force and huge volume. Their previous split 7” with ambient project Spylacopa only scratched the surface of where this ever growing and consistently experimental band is going. Even their debut CD release only starts you on the journey..." [Label: Underadar]

SPINECAST "Disease of worthlessness" CD - Fast and technical Death Metal [Label: Spinecast] USA 1999

STEEL PROPHET "Beware" CD - (Dan) - 2004 - Heavy Metal in the classic way [Label: Massacre] 2004

STREICHER "War Without End" CD - War Ambient music [Label: Cold Spring]

STURM "Krakatoa" CD - Martial Dark metal with progressives influences [Label: Godz Greed] Germany 2000

SUBLIRITUM "Dark Prophecies" CD - Epic, Symphonic Heavy/Black Metal [Label: Evil Horde] Norway 2003

TENGKORAK "Konsentrasi Massa" CD - Mega Brutal Grind Core from Indonesia. Thier debut full length album with bonus tracks. [Label: Bloodbath] Indonesia 1999

TERRORIST "Mata O Muere" CD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Deus Mortuus] Mexico 2002

THANATHRON "Thanathron" CD - After a few demos and splits finally the debut full length album from this Polish Black Metal outfit. 7 songs of cold, martial and filled with hatred BM extended by unreleased 2-track "Nosferatu" EP. [Label: Bestial Invasion] Poland 2010

THE HOLY KISS "Shot Love On A Back Line" CD - Quote: The debut fullenght from San Franciscos The Holy Kiss! Dark and heavily blues tinted rock 'n' roll somewhere between the early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds stuff and Sixteen Horsepower, coming from the same scene as bands like Get Hustle, Bellmer Dolls, Lion Fever and The Phantom Limbs. 11 songs, including their take on Erik Saties beautiful composition Gnossienes: III Lent. [Label: Releasethebats] USA

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY "Rorschach" CD - The Other Side Of The Sky from Daytona Beach, Florida deliver a unique brand of ambient sludge metal related to bands like Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. Recorded at Godcity Studios under the guidance of Kurt Ballou (Converge), it is a representation of massive volume inducing emotion, combining droning riffs and subtle effects-induced builds. [Label: Retribute] USA 2005

THE POWER OF A NEW AEON "Compilation" CD Double - Stunning collection of artists, each creating new music based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. 22 bands interpret the 22 trumps, with sound and styles from the subtle to the obscene. A truly remarkable international collection of diversity, signifying perhaps both the past and the future of the genre. Marvelous booklets Lavishly Illustrated by Michael Riddick (The Soil Bleeds Black). With 4th Sign of the Apocalypse, Ah Cama-Sotz, Dream Into Dust, Arcana, The Soil Bleeds Black, Autumn Tears, Endura, Bleeding Like Mine, Psychonaut... etc, etc. [Label: Palace of Worms] 2000

THORNAFIRE "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" CD - Dark Death Metal. [Label: Skull Crusher] Chile 2001

THRONEUM "Old Death's Lair" CD - Hellish barbarian Death/Thrash assault!!! Totally killer!!! [Label: Weird Truth] Poland 2002

TJOLGTJAR "Five Tjolgtjarian Keys" CD - Twisted American Black Metal demo re-release part 1 limited to 1000 units. [Label: Suffering Jesus] 2006

TJOLGTJAR "The Tjolgtjarian Mass" CD - Nighmarish Black Metal. [Label: Baphomet] USA 2006

TONDRA / NORDIC MIST "Cracking the hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve" CD - HHR : "From frost and freezing sun comes two bands created by the members of NunSlaughter, 8MM Overdose, Spawn of Satan, Crucified Mortals and Soulless. TONDRA is a Metal project of frigid proportions created by Don of the Dead and Robb Graves. It is a memorable excursion into the depths of the frozen soul of mankind. Features a killer HELLHAMMER cover song! NORDIC MIST is a turbid journey into the classic "Frost" sound with riffs and vocals reminiscent of Tom G. and Mr. Ain as it was in 1984! Join these two bands as they delve into the frigid depths of your very soul!" [Label: NunSlaughter] USA 2007

UNHALLOWED "PunchFuckingBlasphemy" MCD - Grindcore [Label: Autoprod] USA 1999

UNHOLY LAND "The Fall of the Chosen Star" CD - fast Black Metal [Label: Evil Horde] Italy 2003

VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Fisico Tortura Emocional" CD - Death/Grind. [Label: n/a] Spain

VIDRES A LA SANG "Endins" CD - From the label : "After taking the spanish scene by storm in 2004 with their debut album, and having stablished a name for themselves in the worldwide underground scene, spanish VIDRES A LA SANG returns with their sophomore album “Endins” to show that it’s still possible to perfectionate their debut!! Again, six ellaborated songs filled with crushing riffs and a perfect technical skill, “Endins” is a perfect Death Metal album that gathers all the elements such as brutality, heaviness, tighness, melody, aggression, darkness... all this with a powerful crystal-clear production and excellent design. VIDRES A LA SANG is feeling, honesty, pain, rage and a defiance to death. The black & red vengeance is back!!" [Label: Xtreem music] Spain 2006

VORDR "III" CD - Old School Raw Black Metal, last album to date from this enigmatic band! [Label: Nykta] Finland 2008

WELKIN "Angel Inside" CD - Interesting Death Metal. [Label: n/a] Belgium 2002

WELTBRAND "Radiance of A Thousand Suns" CD - Martial Black & dark metal with industrial touch & weird ambiences,very good release [Label: Cleansweep] Holland

WESTWIND "The Bunker" CD - Dark music with melancholic ambiences [Label: Black Sun Rising] France 2001

WICKED INNOCENCE "Worship" CD - Very strange metal with an alternance of growling death metal and clean vocals. [Label: Headfucker] USA 1999

WINTERNIGHT "Pestilenz" CD - cold,atmospheric black metal without keyboards and extreme vocals. with ex-member of Vargsang [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Germany 2010

WITCHING BLACK "Comp. Vol. One" CD - Really interesting UGBM compil' with Throneum, Atomizer, Black Winter, The Chasm, Woods of Pyres, Nordafrost... 15 bands. [Label: Witching Black]

WOLF "Omnes Tenebras " CD Digipack - Anti-religious Black Metal - Digisleeve limited to 500 handnumered [Label: Blood War] Mexico 2012

WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" CD - Heavy as fuck Death Metal. [Label: Bestial Burst] Finland 2002

WRAITH OF THE ROPES "Ada" CD - Original funeral Doom mixed with Dark Metal. Strong atmosphere. [Label: Totalrust] USA 2005

XERION/OMENDARK/NAKKIGA "Ipar Basoetan/Na Fraga do Norre" CD - Split - Raw symphonic Black Metal/pagan Black Metal/Raw Black Metal [Label: Oniric]

ZARATHUSTRA "Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy" MCD - Black Metal mid tempo with some Heavy touches. [Label: Undercover] Germany 1999

ZARGOF "Departure For The Cosmic Twilight" MCD - Emotional/brutal sympho Black. [Label: Ars Magna] Brazil 2004

ZEENON "Blood Vesel Criteria" CD - A roller-coaster ride of head-spinning death metal which mixes speed, technicality and pounding, heavy riffs [Label: Retribute] Norway 2005

ZILLAH "Substitute For A Catastrophe" CD - Zillah combine dissonant riffs, chaotic drumming and raging vocals to create a sound that is uniquely their own. A brutal assault on the senses for fans of Voivod, Burnt By The Sun and Mastodon [Label: Retribute] 2006

ZUBROWSKA "Family Vault" CD - Disturbed modern Death Metal, original, technical... [Label: Xtreem music] France 2005

ZUBROWSKA "One on Six" CD - Ultra-technical, progressive, original, modern brutal Death Metal with hardcore influences. [Label: Xtreem music] France 2003

ZWARTKETTERIJ "Sodomizer dirty Sodomizer" CD - Hellish Black/Thrask Metal with alcoholic tunes. [Label: Goatowar] 2005

ALL CD's at 5 €:

ABIGAIL "Ultimate Unholy Death" CD - Excellent fast Black/Thrash n' roll ! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Japan 2005

ABRASIVE "Desire" CD - Sado/Maso brutal Deathcore. [Label: Semen Demon] Germany 2002

AIGRO MUCIFELAM "Lost Sounds Depraved" CD - Crude Black Metal in your fucking face! [Label: Insidious Poisoning] France 2007

AKERBELTZ "A Wave Of Darkness" CD - Grim, primitive and fast Black Metal. [Label: Millenium Metal] Spain

ANCIENT GODS/INFINITUM OBSCURE "" CD - Split - Killer Black/Death Metal. [Label: Sempiternal] USA 2003

ANVIL OF DOOM "Deathillusion" CD - Melodic heavy/Death Metal in the vein of Children of Bodom... [Label: Xtreem music] Spain 2004

APHOTIC "s/t" CD Slim Carton - Dark Metal with a really depressive feeling, varied structures, Death Metal and some clear voices, good sound... [Label: Autoprod] USA 2000

APHOTIC "Under Veil Of Dark" MCD Digipack - Dark Metal, still in the same vein than the first mini-album [Label: Autoprod] USA 2001

APOTHEOSYS "The Fall and the Triumph" CD - Fast and melodic Black Metal with brutal Death infuences. [Label: Profane] USA 2004

ARSIS "As Regret Becomes Guilt" CD - Quote from label: "The Arsis's demos finally available on a proper format. This album is entitled "As Guilt Becomes Regret". The disc contains two demos from 2001 & 2002 plus rare bonus tracks and a live video CD-Rom segment. Arsis is known for their unique blend of old school shredding heavy metal and modern gut wrenching death metal. A range of influences from Iron Maiden, Dio, and Alice Cooper to the modern sounds of Carcass, At The Gates and Death can be detected." [Label: Negative Existence] USA 2007

AS ALL DIE "Time of War and Conflict" CD - Ethereal Ambient with some accoustic intruments, a narrative voice, sometimes more melodic, but always melancholic... Whole ensemble is based on WWI and all that's create. [Label: Crowd Control] USA 2001

ASGUARD "Black Fireland" CD - Melodic Heavy/Death Metal, powerful and effective. [Label: More Hate] Russia 2003

ASH POOL "World Turns On Its Hinge" CD - Perverse Black Metal with Krieg's influences. [Label: Tour De Garde] USA 2007

ASPIC "An ancient song sung too long" CD - Psy-Electronica [Label: Vacuum] France 2000

ATMAN "L'assassi de Venus" CD - The 4th full length album from this great, enigmatic Black Metal band hailing from Catalonia (Spain). One of the best Black Metal albums ever recorded a band from Spain! Raw old school Black Metal, with more of a melancholic feel to the music-as oppose to the chaos. 12" vinyl LP released by Ishtadeva Vinyl Productions in 2008.CD came out in normal jewel case. [Label: Sun and moon Records] Spain 2009

ATOMIC ROAR "Atomic Freaks" CD - Anti-religion, Sexual Perversion, thrash metal [Label: Bestial Invasion] Brazil 2011

ATTRITION "Dante's Kitchen" CD - Great Opus! [Label: Shadowplay] United Kingdom 2006

AVSKY "Mass Destruction" CD - True Black Metal with some burzumish influences. [Label: Humanitys Plague] Sweden 2007

AXIS OF ADVANCE "Strike" CD - Hate pummeling, an intense blast of desecration & hatred with crude intensity [Label: Death to mankind] Canada 2000

AZAGHAL "Codex Antitheus" CD - Finnish hateful black metal. [Label: Avantgarde] Finland 2005

AZAGHAL "Mustamaa" CD - Raw Black Metal. [Label: n/a] Finland 2000

BARBARA "Peger" CD - Experimental mix of noise-core, sludge and grind. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] 2007

BEEFCAKE "hote" CD - Very good electronica in a beautiful digipak (limited edition. Just Back In stock ! [Label: M-tronic] Germany 2002

BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS / ORTHRELM "split" MCD - Quote from label's site : This CDEP features one new, exclusive song each from New York tech/prog metal wizards BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS and shred meltdown duo ORTHRELM, overdosing the listener on spastic complexity and insane instrumental prowess that is sure to liquify your grey matter. Adorned in eye-blazing original artwork from VOIVOD's Away. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2006

BENEATH THE FROZEN SOIL / NEGATIVE REACTION "Split" CD - "This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York's gods, Negative Reaction. There are no winners in this dirty Battle, just fifty bleeding and harsh minutes straight from the most unpleasant side of the genre…Expect for totally punishing experience! Split to your face..." Srictly limited edition of 1000 copies. [Label: Totalrust] 2007

BEYOND YE GRAVE "Raping the creation of god" CD - Fast satanic Black Metal. [Label: Cold Breath Of Silence] Russia

BISCLAVERET "Engill Ljssins" CD Digipack - Special jubilee release for 10th anniversary of Bisclaveret Album contains tracks from Scontrum ACT VI, V/A - "Tattered....", remixes and new unreleased before track 'Telesis' Packaged in exclusive 2-panel digipack Graphics based on Paint of Iwona Murawska - young, great painter. Tracklist: 01. Engill Ljssins (Angel of Light) - taken from V/A ...where tattered clouds are stranding (the Eastern Front 2007) 02. Absolute - taken from SCONTRUM ACT VI (War Office Propaganda 2007) 03. Demiurgos - taken from SCONTRUM ACT VI (War Office Propaganda 2007) 04. Saviour - taken from SCONTRUM ACT VI (War Office Propaganda 2007) 05. Telesis - session 2009 (Unreleased before) 06. Absolute - remixed by AB INTRA 07. Engill Ljssins (Angel of Light) - remixed by INNER VISION LABORATORY [Label: Zoharum] Poland

BISCLAVERET "Ephemeros [ante'Te Deum']" CD Digipack - Quote: This Bisclaveret release is a concept album , touching up a subject of human existance hidden in the symbolic of seven angel names.On this album you will find 7 songs - pieces showing various aspects of human’s nature and his cosmic dimension in the world. This album is the trip into the human’s mind through the word and sound. Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] shows a little bit different face of Bisclaveret by using new form expression which the musicians used in the alchemic ritual of creation. Album released in exlusive 3- panel digipack. The author of all graphics used in this album is Praetorian. Tracklist: 01. Ofis 02. Ejael 03. Donkuel 04. Izrafael 05. Semakiel 06. Azrael 07. Androgyne [Label: Zoharum] Poland

BLACK ALTAR "Death Fanaticism" CD - Interesting release by Shadow from KRIEGSGOTT Satanic Black Metal to evilize your soul. [Label: Odium Rex] Poland 2008

BLACK ANGEL "From The Darkness" CD - Raw fuckin' Black Metal played by a one-man-band. [Label: Ketzer] Peru 2005

BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES "Nightmare of the Blackened Heart" CD Digipack - Quote from the band's website: "Black Depths Grey Waves is a black occult industrial project from the sickened minds of Clint Listing (As All Die, Long Winters Stare, When Joy Becomes Sadness) and Saint Ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tyrannis, Grim Pig) Noise-filled, black industrial, occult evocations - music that will make you feel at one with your disturbed mind." [Label: Aesthetic Death] USA 2011

BLACK GOAT "s/t" CD - Terroristik Black Metal. Second edition (1998). [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2003

BLACK LEATHER JESUS "Yes, Sir (Filth play) 2009" CD - The great new album from the legendary Texas based noise band formed in 1989! The 20th Anniversary album! The band was founded by Richard Ramirez. Currently, it also includes Kevin Novak (TEF), Sean Matzus (The Secret Geography/ITLOA), Scott Houston(Respirator/S.P.I.T.), Vance Osborne (Murex/ITLOA), with occasional assistance by Jovan Hernandez (ze'r0-sum/Anatomy of a Blackout). CD came out in normal jewel case limited to 500 copies. [Label: Mask of the Slave] 2009

BONESHAKER "Start The Race" CD - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal [Label: Gofannon] France 2008

CH DISTRICT VS DUUSTER "Chemical elements 1.0 split cd" CD - excellent ambient electronica [Label: M-tronic]

CHAOS AS SHELTER "Dead Air Broadcasts" CD - An experimental album created with shortwave radio receiver. [Label: DTA] 2002

CHAOS OMEN "Let Clarity Succumb" MCD - Necromorbus solo-project, Great Swedish Black Metal. [Label: Nails Of Christ] Sweden 2006

CO3OLT "Nine" CD - Quote from label: "Norwegian trio merging a variety of influences to create a very personal sound. Jazz, lounge music, electronica and a bit of industrial are stirred together into a dark concoction that can only be labelled as autumn music. Exquisite sounds for sophisticated listeners. Ltd. 1000" [Label: Duplicate] Norway 2007

CORPUS CHRISTII "In League With Black Metal" CD - Fast and desecrating Black Metal [Label: Hiberica] Portugal 2002

CRYPTIC WINDS "Storms of the Black Millenium" CD - Unholy fast Black Metal with a certain atmosphere... Darkness & hatred enthroned... [Label: Breath of Night] USA 2001

DAMNABLE "Completely Devoted" CD - Brutal Death/Grind [Label: Cudgel] Poland 2001

DARRIN VERHAGEN "Black Frost" CD - If 'black ice' delivered the 'searing pain upon arrival' to the black|mass trilogy, 'black frost' serves as something of a gently uncomfortable antidote. Bordered by lowercase, delicate electroacoustic, sinecore and glitch terrain, frost presents material considered, precise yet modest in tone. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2004

DEMONCY "Joined In Darkness" CD - Quote from label: Remastered with bonus track, "The Ode to Eternal Darkness", from the limited edition 7" on Spikekult / Sombre Records. "Joined in Darkness" summons forth Death itself with its primal, heavy, and droning atmosphere. Thundering drums, bottom-end heavy guitars and crushing bass create the overall huge, ominous, and oppressive production. Ixithra's corpselike/reptillian vocals are terrifyingly cold and lack any emotion as they command death's destruction. Great artwork, by Michael Riddick, completes the atmosphere with images of human remains, decay, and dusty ruins. [Label: Negative Existence] USA 2007

DESTRUKTOR "Nailed" CD - Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!!! [Label: Hells Headbangers] AUSTRALIA 2009

DIABOLICAL BREED "Compendium Infernus" CD - Symphonic Black Metal [Label: World Chaos] Norway 2004

DIABOLICAL MESSIAH/AQUER "Evoking the diabolical attack/Shubxul primigenie" CD - Really raw aggressive and occult spawn of the extreme ug [Label: Daemonolatreia] Chile 2003

DIVINA ENEMA "Under Poenix Phenomenon" CD - Avant-garde folk metal, sick structures and atmospheres. [Label: More Hate] Russia 2004

DO SHASKA ! "Androgyne Haarem" CD - Ambient with redundant rythms & weird samples [Label: Guerilla] 2002

DO SHASKA ! "Bryndystaan Cafe" CD - Experimental ambient with samples of Muslimgauze, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Galerie Gryf]

DUSK "The Darksoul's scream" CD - A journey into the desolate landscape of Transylvania, Cold Black Metal with screaming voice [Label: Wulfrune Worxxx] Hungary 2005

E.P.A. "Black Ice" CD - Darrin Verhagen, in tugging on a thread of viciousness which has lain subdued and understated for most of Shinjuku Thief's backcatalog, was surprised to pull up a 42 minute slab of sonic violence which is as unmerciful as it is exquisitely crafted. Under his new power electronics pseudonym 'e.p.a.' we find a finely balanced tension between visceral chaos and deliberate nastiness. If all the Shinjuku Thief albums which preceded it suggest the ghostly existence of a dark world, "black ice" delivers the map, the accelerator and the searing pain upon arrival. Limited edition of 500. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2004

EMPTY "The Last Breath of my Mortal Despair" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Blackened Moon] Spain 2005

END "End" CD - Interesting Black Metal with good melancholics atmospheres ! [Label: ISO666] Greece 2003

ESCHATON "Causa Fortior" CD - Classical Black Metal, cold and brutal. [Label: Nykta] Greece 2005

FAFNER/NOMINON "Daemons Of The Past" CD - The 4 demos of the band from 1993 to 1996 (Fafner is the pre-Nominon) : 21 tracks of good old school Black/Death Metal. [Label: Northern Silence] Sweden 1996

FLUTWACHT "Breath" CD - Special packaging CD in DVD Box - Extrem Industrial sound. Lim. to 250 copies. [Label: Mask of the Slave] Germany 2009

FUNEREAL MOON "Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction - 10 years of audio blasphemia" CD - Anthology of this UG horde with 5 unreleased tracks. Black Metal with unholy rituals passages. [Label: Winterreich] Mexico 2005

GENGHIS TRON "Dead Mountain Mouth" CD - Totally crazy experimental metal, somewhere between grind, indus, noise... First full lenght. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2006

GOAT SEMEN "En Vivo en Lima Hell" CD - Live album. Black Metal terror. [Label: From Beyond] Peru 2007

GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN "Dynastie..." CD - (ger) - 2003 - Black metal [Label: Ketzer] Germany 2003

GRIMA MORSTUA "Illustratio Per Horribilem Obscuritatem" CD - Very good Black Metal, nice layout. [Label: Drakkar] Argentina 2007

HEREM "Pulsa diNura" CD - "Oppressive sludge, riff oriented stoner, laid-back doom and a slight touch of coarse death metal - they're all here but none of them in a dominant role. Pulsa diNura is the soundtrack of brimstone rain lashing from the sky while avoiding easy classifications and manerisms. Two demos and years of work have resulted in seven tracks of madness, gloom and groove . The trademark heavy and warm soundscape of the demos is still present in an even more refined wall of sound with clear, balanced and dynamic finishing to strike well placed licks upon the skins of closed minded zombies." Excellent! [Label: Rusty Crowbar] Finland 2008

HILLS OF SEPHIROTH "Fly High The Hatred Black Flag" CD - Raw Black Metal. [Label: Wraith] USA 2005

HORDES OF DARKNESS V/A "" CD - Compilation with : Hyperborean, Disruption, Lord Belial, Funeris Nocturnum, Orkrist, Obscurant, Alghazanth, Bestial Mockery, Memoria... [Label: Unexploded Records] 2003

HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE "Dancing Demons In The Grey-Lit Glade" CD - (Usa) - 2003 - Fast, complex Black Metal with it's own approach and a good (not too clean) production. Interesting. [Label: Dark Horizon] USA 2003

HYADNINGAR "Imminent Useless Soul" CD - Epic and melodic Black Metal. [Label: EH] France 2006

HYBRID VISCERY "Grindcore Contaminations" MCD - 32 tracks, 23:37 minutes of pure grindcore violence! Including 3 lives videos. [Label: Coyote] Belgium 2005

INCRIMINATED "The Promise of Worse to Come" CD - Primitive old-school Black/Death Metal worshipping. [Label: From Beyond] Finland 2005

INFERNAL HATE / LUPUS NOCTURNUS "Night on the dark forest" CD - Split - Raw, hateful Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Death Cult] Mexico 2007

INSAINTIFICATION "Diseased" CD - Thrash/Death Metal. [Label: Kill Again] Brazil 2007

INSIDE CONFLICT "Headless The Seconde Beheaded" CD - Various contents (Headless MCD, the '98 demo, 2 unreleased tracks, 2 covers and 4 live tracks) of this french band, now defunct. [Label: Art-Scenic] France 2003

JARL "Out Of Balance" CD Digipack - Side project of Erik Jarl, member of the powerful heavy electronics outfit IRM [Label: Malignant] 2003

KHARON "Raised by hellish demons" MCD - Powerful Black/death. [Label: Ketzer] 2003

KORIHOR/ABIGAIL "Alkoholic Metal Blasphemers" CD - Split - (Phi/Jap) - 2004 - Fast Black Metal/Old School Black Thrash (1992 rehearsal + live 1998) [Label: Hells Headbangers] 1998

KUTURLAT "Necroritual" CD - Quote from MCR : From the loathsome cloaks of the spanish city of Madrid comes this combo of veteran musicians formed by members from bands of the local metal underground scene, Kuturlat come to spit you in the face with their morbid and rancid black metal. After lot of years of mind twisting with masters of evilness Mayhem and Necrophagia, comes "Necroritual"... black metal with their roots in the most crude and raw form of this music style, obscure music for obscure minds. Don´t search for beauty melodies 'cause you will not find it, here you´ll find evilness and scorn for humanity only. [Label: Mondongo Canibale] Spain 2005

LIKBLEK "Likblek" CD - Quote from label: Expect well-recorded yet raw and violent Black Metal with thrashy riffs now and then! Recorded and mastered at Studio Decay (KILL, among others), these 8 hymns to violence and darkness are done in the traditional old-school Scandinavian fashion, bringing to mind KILL, CRAFT and DARKTHRONE, yet not copying them in any way. [Label: Daemon Worship] Sweden 2010

LITTLE DEAD BERTHA "Way of Blind" CD - (Rus) - 2005 - Heavy speed Metal with Black/Death vocals. [Label: Stygian Crypt] 2005

MALEVOLENT CREATION "Joe Black" CD - Brutal Death Metal, unreleased tracks, remixes and demo versions... [Label: System Shock] USA

MANGLED "Most Painful Ways" CD - (Holland) - 2002 - Great Death Metal à la Severe Torture & Broken Hope. [Label: The Plague] 2002

MARTYRIUM "The carnage lit by Darkness" CD - Symphonic Black Metal. Poster included. [Label: Witchcraft] Malta 2004

MASONIC "Compilation Hymen" CD Double - DCD - Excellent compilation with some great Electronic acts as : Beefcake, Imminent, Venetian Snares, Scorn, Somatic Responses, Gridlock... A total of 30 bands for all ant-zen/hymen fanatics. [Label: Hymen]

MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION "Aipesis" MCD - Unholy Black/Death Metal in the vein of Deströyer 666 and Bestial Warlust. Excellent. [Label: BlackSeed] Greece 2006

MIRRORTHRONE "Carriers of dust" CD - Melodic Black/Death with orchestral parts [Label: Red Stream] Switzerland 2006

MR. DEATH "DeathSuitsYou" MCD - Classic Swedish Death metal featuring members from Treblinka & Tiamat. [Label: Agonia] Sweden 2010

MYSTICUM "Demons never sleep" CD - Reissue of 2 Demos (1993)- One of the sickest Black Metal band ever. [Label: n/a] Norway 2003

N.I.L "Neglect.Forget.Remember" MCD Digipack - N.I.L. stands for: Nihilism Is Liberation. Great project featuring Imperial from Krieg. [Label: Regimental] USA 2011

NARCOTIC GREED "Twicet of Fate" CD - (Jap) - Prog/Heavy Metal. [Label: World Chaos] Japan

NEKROKAOS "Chaos II" CD - Drone/Black/Doom. An original and truly excellent mixture for fans of Abruptum, Bunkur, Krieg... [Label: Insidious Poisoning] France 2007

NEKROKULT "Postrema Expiratio Humanorum" CD - Dark, fast Black Metal ov Death with a huge sound. [Label: Satanic Propaganda] Chile
NEKYA "Purgatory as the serpent domain" CD - Special packaging A5 Slim Digipack(It)- 2005 - Eclectic album of Electro/Indus influenced by Skinny Puppy and more folks parts and female voice. [Label: Beast Of Prey] 2005

NEONRAIN "Dirtier Than Dirt" CD - Experimental dark project, expect weird stuff. [Label: Steelwork Maschine] France 2003

NERGAL "Absinthos" CD - Melodic Black Metal. [Label: Supreme Music] Greece 2006

NEW RISEN THRONE/CRUEL HARVEST "Shadows over Humanity" CD - Split - Cold, desolated and extremely dark Ambient for the two bands. Take fear humans ! Your death is so near... [Label: God is Myth] USA 2006

NICODEMUS "The Supernatural Omnibus" CD - Heavy/horror Metal. [Label: Dark Symphonies] USA 2003

NOCTUARY "When Fires Breed Blood" CD - (Usa) - 2000 - Second full-length of this melodic Black Metal horde. [Label: Lost Disciple] USA 2000

NOCTURNAL "Thrash With The Devil" MCD - Old School Black Thrash [Label: Heaven Ablaze] Germany 2001

NYTHRA "My Anodyne" CD - Electro/Ambient with female voice. [Label: Paragoric]

ORCRIST "Black Blood Raised" CD - Raw melodic Black Metal. [Label: Hearse] Italy 2006

PAGAN WINTER "The Cult Of Flesh" MCD - Excellent Brutal Black Metal. At last, a good band in this style ! With a cover of Darkthrone "Under A Funeral Moon" [Label: Vae Victis] Germany

PEST "Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial" CD - Black Metal. The re-release on CD of several tracks originaly appeared in demo tape and 7"EP's ! Featuring Werwolf from Satanic Warmaster. [Label: Blood Fire Death] Finland

PHALLUS DEI "Nature Morte" CD - Industrial/Darkwave [Label: Paragoric]

PHILIP SAMARTZIS/SACHIKO M "Artefact" CD - Artefact is a collaboration between improvisers sachiko M and philip samartzis. sinewave and noise generators interact to form a textural foundation for explorations into degradation, distortion and rupture. commenced in paris in late 2000 and completed in melbourne one year later, both composers bring an ascetic sense to each track's formation allowing the minutiae of sonic detail to evolve gradually, gently modulating between sporadic and dense moments of activity. limited edition of 600. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2002

POLYMORPH "Disgraceful Supper" MCD - Brutal old school Death Metal [Label: G.U.C.] Germany 2005

PROPHECY "Contagion" CD - Death Metal with industrial touches. [Label: Pavement] Poland 1999

PSYCHONAUT 75 "Stealing The Fire From Heaven" CD - Dark industrial with electronic parts and dark voices. With member of Black Funeral. [Label: Memento Mori] USA 2002

PURGATORY "Blessed with flames of hate" CD - (Ger) - 2000 - Hateful Death Metal with good evil feeling [Label: Perverted Taste] Germany 2000

RELLIK "Deceive The Deceiving" MCD - (Usa) - 2004 - Ferocious Thrash Metal with huge sound. [Label: Metal War] USA

RESURRECTURIS "The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell" CD - Quote from MCR : The second album of this italian death metal prime movers (formed in 1990), the band returns with long awaited follow up to critically acclaimed "Nocturnal" (1998). They combine in a exceptional way the powerful of death metal, the speed of thrash metal and the anger of grindcore in a really original form and with a touch of melody. Eight songs of incendiary aggression with a modern sound, an old school flavour and excellent musicianship. Great production and music with a lot of work behind and quality. In their sound you can find influences from bands such as Carcass, Death, Benediction or Testament. Their music will not let anybody indifferent. [Label: Mondongo Canibale] Italy 2004

RESUSCITATOR "A Warrior's Death" CD - Black/Death Metal like in the old days played by an old band. A bit in the spirit of the old Greek scene... [Label: From Beyond] USA 2005

SAD / SAPTHURAN "Black Winter of Desolation" CD - Split CD release. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Regimental] Greece / USA 2010

SAPTHURAN "To the Edge of Land" CD - (Usa) - 2005 - Cold pagan Black Metal. [Label: God is Myth] USA 2005

SCORCHED "The 5th Season" CD - Swedish Black Metal [Label: Heretic Sound] Sweden 2008

SEPHYROTH "The winter holocaust" CD - Raw anti-human Black Metal. [Label: Sardonic Wrath] Canada 2005

SHADOWCAST "Near life experience" CD - Melodic Electro/Metal [Label: CCP] Austria 2003

SICKBAG "Bushido Codex" CD - Modern Metal, with an hardcore voice and a grinding one, between these two styles. [Label: Deformeathing] France 2006

SICULICIDIUM "Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban" CD - Let's ride with the Transylvanian wolves! The long awaited first full length album! The last gallop in the Universe...six steps to Eternity! Pure Transylvanian Black Metal. Power, pride & fire with touch of melancholy. The 8-pages booklet containing all lyrics written in ancient Hungarian language! CD came out in normal jewel case. [Label: Sun and moon Records] Hungary 2009

SILENT LOVE OF DEATH "The Poet's Senses" CD - Quote from the label : "Deep and dramatic vocals, trumpet and violins, acoustic guitars, military drums, you can think to another neofolk band like many other, but SILENT LOVE OF DEATH could touch the depth of your heart. The romantic feeling encroaches upon the seventeen songs of this album, a great nostalgic atmosphere with classical influences create impressive dark sound. The texts are inspired by poems of E.A Poe, Bequer, W. Blake, Espronceda..." [Label: Palace of Worms] 2005

SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "World Wide War" CD - Black/Thrash Metal [Label: Time Before Time] Greece 2009

SOMETIMES DEATH IS BETTER "Part 5,6,7,9" CD - (various) - a box with very underground bands, know some of them became more established. Second hand - 4 cd's box [Label: Shiver]

SPETÄLSK "Perverted Commandment" MCD - Brutal Black Metal in the vein of Marduk or Dark Funeral [Label: Northern Silence] Sweden 2004

STAY FRIGHTENED "Still" CD - Quote from the label : "The vocals of Conrad L. Dickey are so harmonic the ooze in between the music with sombre synth and piano melodies interwoven. the vox add layers to the music, but don't detract with the arrangement. Many of the song titles tell the story: 'The rain and bruises' 'Windblown luminaries' and 'Languid blue smile' The music will drift out of your consciousness, you will always be drawn back in to what is a very relaxing album. If you don't really like your music ethereal, ghostly and wispy, than this is definitely not for you. Unique, pure, emotional melancholia. 74 minutes." [Label: Palace of Worms] 1997

STORMNATT "Funeral Apocalypse" MCD - Raw Black Metal. [Label: Ashen] Austria 2005

STRIBORG "Southwest Passage" CD - Last Opus of this very prolific one-man project. [Label: Displeased] Australia 2009

STUMM "I" CD - Killer Sludge Doom mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlist). [Label: Aesthetic Death] Finland 2006

SUMMONER "Winter Solstice" CD - CD - (ita) - Gothic metal [Label: Masterpiece]

SUPERCHRIST "Holy Shit" CD - Quote: Chicago's original beer metal blazers SUPERCHRIST have come staggering back from the studio with "Holy Shit", a ten-song pack of new rippers that finds the band fully charged and ready for business. Featuring such instant classics as "Run to the Night", "Black Thunder", and "Hot Tonight", "Holy Shit" delivers 100% heavy metal rock and roll for the under-dressed and over-served. [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2012

TANGORODREAM "Twiling Before Sunrise" CD - Mid-tempo melodic Heavy/Black Metal. [Label: Black Dragon] Ukr 2002

TERATOMA "The terato-genus reborn" CD - (Spa) - Brutal old school Death [Label: Fleshfeast] Spain

THE BEAST "Fixed by the Devil" MCD - Raw and primitive Black Metal in the vein of old Beherit/Sarcofago by Nornagest of Enthroned [Label: Painkiller] Belgium 2003

THE HERETIC "Gospel Songs In E Minor" CD - Horror heavy/black [Label: Xtreem music] Spain 2005

THE MASS "City of Dis" CD Digipack - The US release of City Of Dis, the debut full length from Oakland, CA indie thrashers THE MASS delivers unto us a scalding blast of sax-assisted King Crimson-meets-Slayer art|thrash|core worship, all light-speed riffing, shrieking vox and burly singing, malevolent soft jazz,insidious tempo shifts, and bloodthirsty dynamics. Disparate elements of No Wave, damaged pop, grindcore, post-punk, thrash metal and math-rock are crafted into a blast of hyperkinetic fury, and is catchy as fuck. Pure audio dissent. THE MASS feature current and former members of FROM MONUMENTS TO MASSES and TOTIMOSHI. Recorded at Louder Studios in San Francisco with producer Tim Green (THE FUCKING CHAMPS, MELVINS, UNWOUND ). The Crucial Blast release of City Of Dis features enhanced CD-Rom video footage not available on the original European release, as well as slightly different artwork and design. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2005

THE STONE "Tragom Hromoga Vuka" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Wolfcult] Serbia 2003

THE SYRE "s/t" CD Digipack - Digipack - Martial Black Metal with punk touches. [Label: Selbstmord] Canada 2005

THE UNHOLY "Ash Wednesday" CD - CD - (Usa) - 1999 - Strange Old school speed Thrash/Death Metal with a Heavy Metal voice. [Label: Scylding] 1999

THRONEAEON "With Sardonic Wrath" MCD - Dark Death Metal [Label: The Plague] Sweden 1999

THRONED "...There Where The Moon Rises" MCD - Black Metal [Label: Masterpiece] Italy 2003

THRONEUM "Deathmass of the Gravedancer" CD - Killer new stuff by the kings of old-school Black/Death metal. [Label: Displeased] Poland 2007

THY KINGDOM COME "Through Bleeding Eyes" CD - Brutal, crushing metalcore featuring ex-members of Raiden, Unite and Nadir. Essential for fans of Full Blown Chaos, Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy. [Label: Retribute] UK 2005

TODESSTOß "Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" MCD - Excellent disturbing experimental & raw Black Metal without compromise. [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] Germany 2005

TOTEN / CONTRIVISTI "Split" CD - All material for the two bands gathered on one cd. Beware, Toten and Contrivisti are the pre and post-Profanatica ! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2005

TREPHINE "s/t" CD - "Years in the making... For the uninitiated, Trephine play a unique blend of metal/prog/punk/ noise/math rock which finds their instrumental, guitar/bass/drums assault joined by found object percussion. To help make their strongest release yet, Trephine called upon three masters of their craft-- producer/engineer, Jon Smulyan, mastering engineer, Alan Douches, and visual artist, Stephen Kasner. Slayer riffs and Propane tank percussion collide for eight tracks of pure surgical doom!!!" [Label: Public Guilt] 2005

TROGLODYTE/AS A RIVER/ SICK SAD WORLD "Split CD" CD - Special packaging Brutal Death/Death Metal/grind. Split CD released in a DVD case. [Label: Obskure Sombre] Canada 2004

TWELFTH OF NEVER "Things That Were" CD - Atmospheric Dark Metal. [Label: Dark Symphonies] USA 2003

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Obsessed By War" CD - Last opus of this barbaric horde. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Kill Yourself] Greece 2010

USURPER "Visions From The Gods" CD Digipack - Death Metal. 1994, demo & rare, live and unreleased material [Label: Necropolis] USA 1994

UVALL "Obsidian Torment" CD - Really good uncompromising Black Metal with cruel mid-tempo parts and fast satanic aggression surrounded by a dark atmosphere. [Label: Antinomian] USA 2005

VEHEMENCE REALIZED "Severe" CD - Quote from the label : "Vehemence Realized are one of the finest gothic/darkwave bands. The band comes from Virginia, and "Severe" is their first full-length CD. A very gloomy, somber band characterized by murky synths, echoing piano, danceable drumming, live trumpet playing, and wonderfully brooding, deep throated vocals. They create ethereal atmosphere without being boring. They offer a comforting darkness, and through the dense layers there is an underlying hint of hope and a sad yearning for eluded beauty. Highly recommend to fans of darkwave and as well to any who like their music very dark." [Label: Palace of Worms] USA 1999

VERGE "Demo" CD - Demo release. [Label: n/a] Finland 2005

VOCIFERATION ETERNITY "Meadow's Yearn" CD - Melodic Death/Black Metal [Label: Nebiula] Malaysia 1999

VOCIFERIAN "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum" MCD - Killer Black/Death Metal, really more violent than the previous efforts. [Label: Infernus] France 2005

VORKUTA "Into The Chasms of Lunacy" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Paragon] Hungary 2005

WALHALLA "Firereich" CD - Epic and thrashy Black Metal [Label: Root of All Evil] Finland 1999

WELTBRAND "The Cloud of Retaliation" CD - A new sign of death from this Dutch Nihilistic Assault Squad! ten new tracks that will incinerate your soul with devastating atomic violence. Extreme Black Metal with Industrial touches. [Label: Sadolust] 2006

WINDS "The Imaginary Direction of Time" CD - Progressive and technical Heavy Metal with Hellhammer from Mayhem. [Label: The End] Norway 2004

ZWARTPLAAG "Haatstorm" CD - First full-length.

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White border
High quality embroidered patch
3.50 / 14 cm
50 copies

5 €

released by
Zanjeer Zani.


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"Hosanna Sathana"

Hooded Sweat Zipped

(Sizes: S->XXL)

40 €

produced by ZZP.

Zanjeer Zani Productions

- Slow Musick For Elegant People -

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"100% Satan & Negativism"

Hooded Sweat Zipped
(Sizes: S->XXL)

45 €

produced by Battlesk'rs Prodz.


24/01/2016 - To Preserve & Promote :

Since their first appearance on the 2005 « Crushing the Holy Trinity » compilation, and with only three albums released, polish duet MGLA has already left a lasting impression on modern black metal. Supported from the very start by the notorious label Northern Heritage (Clandestine Blaze, Satanic Warmaster, Deathspell Omega, Baptism, Ildjarn…) they pushed forward the traditions with a very personal approach of darkness and coldness. Razor-like riffs, philosophical lyrics, ghostly atmospheres and a complete absence of compromise made MGLA a cult in only a handful of releases. Their last effort, Exercises in futility, is nothing but a new take on black arts, still haunting and challenging but cleverly mixed with modern elements. “Post black metal” would be an inappropriate term to define this opus as it wouldn’t embrace all of MGLA’s complexity. It would better be described as a surreal journey, a musical analysis, a fall in the ugliest pits of the mind where somehow the divine light may reflect…

Necrocosm is proud to offer their most notorious works in distribution, as bands as MGLA incarnate everything black metal is about, and everything we stand for: dedication, personality, aura, insight and a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. To preserve and promote black metal’s purity without falling in the limitative clichés of the genre is our crusade, and MGLA ranks amongst the most respectable defenders of this Temple. Enter in their realm…

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We have sold our souls.

17/01/2016 - LES APÔTRES DE L'IGNOMINIE - Sigil - Embroidered Patch :

available and exclusively distributed by Necrocosm:


Circular embroidered Patch
Size: 10 cm
High quality

5 €

released by Battlesk'rs Prodz.


14/01/2016 - We have sold our souls. :

We have sold our souls.

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We have sold our souls and we are fukking proud of it.

22/12/2015 - LP's PROMO - 5 € to 10 € - PROMO - LIMITED QUANTITIES! :

5 € each:

AIGRO MUCIFELAM "Lost Sounds Depraved" LP Gatefold - Crude Black Metal in your fucking face! [Label: Insidious Poisoning] France 2007

AMNION "Cryptic Wanderings" LP - + insert Raw and obscure Black Metal. Members of EMPTY. [Label: Ishtadeva] Spain 2009

ANAL VOMIT "Gathering of The Putrid Demons" LP - Southern Black/Death attack! Limited to 500 copies, comes with poster and inlay. [Label: Necromancer] Peru 2009

ANGST SKVADRON "Sweet Poison" LP Gatefold - Quote: New album of T. Nefas (Urgehal, Beastcraft, Kvist,...) & co. Mature, melancholic full of negative emotion soundscapes. Best album to the date. It won't let down even the sophisticated fans of Arcturus or Ulver!Lim. to 500 copies. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Norway 2010

ANIMUS MORTIS "Atrabilis (Residues From Verb and Flesh)" LP Gatefold - with restored artwork and one bonus track. Impressive Black Metal album. [Label: Ishtadeva] Chile 2010

ANWYL "Postmortem Apocalypse" LP Gatefold - Another rape of metal anguish and violence from those black dealerz. [Label: Drakkar] USA 2002

ATMAN "No Recordaren a la Mort" LP - + insert Last opus from Darshan & Damastor (EMPTY). A step beyond for the band. Malefic and obscure Black Metal. [Label: Ishtadeva] Spain 2011

ATROX "The Other Face of Desilusion" LP - Previously unreleased LP of material from 1996. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Excellent Power-Electronics! [Label: Steinklang] Belarus 2002

AUTOPSY TORMENT "Tormentorium" LP - Full length of this swedish old school band, leading by Devil Lee Rot himself. Including one bonus track : Orgy with the dead and Lim. to 500 copies. [Label: Painkiller] Sweden 2003

AVENGER "Godless (...Assuming The Throne Of Immorality...)" LP - Melodic Black Death Metal. [Label: Merciless] Cz 2003

BESATT "In Nomine Satanas" LP - (Pol) - The first album originally recorded in 1997 limited to 500 copies. Fast and cold Black Metal. [Label: Serpens Caput] Poland 1997

BESATT/ARMAGEDDON/MISANTHROPY/INNER HELVETE "Conquering the world with true black metal war" LP - Extreme underground black metal split limited to 500 copies. [Label: Ordealis] France 2004

BITTERCHUPCHUPWELOSE "Bitterchupchupwelose" LP - Totally crazy Stoner metal to groove your head! Promising new band, don't miss them. LP limited to 150 copies, with an handmade serigraphied cover! Great object and great sound. [Label: Suicide Commercial] France 2010

BITTERCHUPCHUPWELOSE "s/t" MLP - New effort of really interesting Stoner/Noise rock from France. [Label: Suicide Commercial] France 2011

BLOOD PATROL "From beyond and below" LP - German crossover thrash metal in the vein of Suicidal tendencies, Municipal waste... [Label: Kink records] Germany 2013

BLOOD RED THRONE "Affiliated with the Suffering" LP - Death Metal licencied from Hammerheart records. [Label: Painkiller] Norway 2003

BURIED GOD "Dark Revelation" LP - (Ger) - 2003 - Brutal Thrash Metal with some melodic passages and a huge sound. [Label: Merciless] Germany 2003

BY THE SWORD "Hellmetal Style" MLP - Thrash Black attack! 4 titles filled with the old school spirit,including a cover of "The Trooper" from IRON MAIDEN. [Label: DUKE] France 2009

CHEERLEADER69 "Godriders in The Sky" LP - Quote from label : "This Cheerleader 69 album, a side-project from vx69, the frontman & singer of the french industrial techno punk machine Punish Yourself, is finally available, digging its inspiration both in the rythms of Test Dept, the ambiances of Coil in their Horse Rotorvator era, and the symphonic lyricism proper to the martial/neoclassing scene. vx69 proposes an excellent record, very personnal & iconoclastic." Limited to 500 copies. These are some of the 357 limited yellow vinyl copies. [Label: Steelwork Maschine] France 2006

CORPUS CHRISTII "The Torment Continues" LP Gatefold - with poster. Quote from UCR website : the last opus from Corpus Christii is a voyage through decay, misery and a savage claustrophobic disharmony of thoughts. A continuation of the previous album "Tormented Belief" but with an obvious change, much more variation and a dirtier sound feeling like if it was recorded in the early 90´s, a true classic. Not expected to be a turn point in the Black Metal scene but to be one more contribution to what lies true in the real Satanic Black Metal scene. Feel destroy and get destroyed....for HIM. [Label: Undercover] Portugal 2006

CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Converted By Decapitation" LP - splattered vinyl with die-cut insert - Pure Thrash Metal like it was played 20 years ago! Pounding drums, solid razor sharp riffing, and strong howling vocals! [Label: Crush Until Madness] USA 2007

CRYOGENIC/DIES ATER "Ignis Occultus In.../Rabenflug" LP Gatefold - Split - Melodic Black Metal for the two bands. [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse] Germany

DARKMOON WARRIOR "In Fundis Inferiorum" LP - Black Metal [Label: Tales From The Crypt] Germany 2006

DEADWOOD "Ramblack" LP - Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on brown marbled vinyl. "Circle of Scirlin" is a vinyl only track not found on the CD version. Death Industrial with ambient parts. [Label: Cold Spring] Sweden 2008

DEATH REALITY "Flesh Still Feeds" LP - with printed insert - Brutal Death Metal including OBITUARY cover, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Autopsy Stench] Germany 2003

DEATHCON "Zerohuman" MLP - Strong Death Metal in the current Behemoth style. Helheim side-project. [Label: Perverted Taste] Norway 2005

DEATHROW "Primordial Lifecode" LP - Quote: Solo project of Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems and Macabre Omen Drummer. Raw and primordial old school black metal in the vein of Judas Iscariot, Clandestine Blaze, Graven and Satanic Warmaster. Almost 50 minutes of cold hunger and misanthropy. Include a Dark Throne cover. [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse] Italy 2007

DEINONYCHUS "Insomnia" LP Picture - In 1992 Marco Kehren started the band in the Netherlands as an one-man band. He made doom/black metal with unique kind of vocals. He released some albums and in 1999 William A. Sarginson (Extreme Noise Terror, Cradle Of Filth, Blood Divine, The & December Moon) joined him on drums. Since 2000 also keyboardplayer Arkdae aka Fabien Pereira (Seth, Dark Sanctuary & Osculum Infame) & bassist Stafford Glover joined the band. [Label: Eiwaz-Tonkunst] Germany 2005

DRAUGAR "Weathering the Curse" LP Picture - limited to 500 hand-numbered copies [Label: Moribund] USA 2004

EMPALIGON "Black Dominated Annihilation" LP - w/printed insert - Vinyl edition of this satanic, ultra fast and brutal Black Metal album originally recorded in 1999. [Label: Autopsy Stench] Germany 1999

EMPTY "The House of Funerary Hymns" LP - A very solid album full of negative atmosphere. [Label: Ishtadeva] Spain 2010

END "I" LP - Limited to 500 copies - Cover with embossing, lyric sheet. Raw sound, minimal artwork, atmosphere and music that will lead you back to years of the true black metal bands! [Label: Black Hate] Greece 2007

ERESHKIGAL "The Raping of the Divine" LP Gatefold - Purple vinyl lim. ed. Description from TOD's website : The roots of this unholy creation can be traced way back to 1988, when, as FLEGTHON, the band were first inspired by the myths and legends of their native Greece. “The Raping of the Divine” was composed between 1996 and 2005, and is imbued with the atmosphere of ancient Greece. The music is in the vein of : ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON NECROMANTIA or THOU ART LORD. [Label: Temple Of Darkness] Greece 2005

EVOCATION "s/t" LP - w/printed paper bag - Melodic Death Metal with brutal parts. [Label: Breath of Night] Sweden 2004

EXMORTEM "Pestilence Empire" LP - Death Metal - Limited ed. [Label: Osmose] Denmark 2002

FOG "Through The Eyes of Night..." LP - w/printed insert - Black Metal. Vinyl release of this interesting album... Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Ordealis] USA 2004

FROM BEYOND "Thrashin' Machine" MLP - Five tracks of old school thrash metal! [Label: Painkiller] Belgium 2003

FROSTKRIEG "Majesttik Eines Kalten Elements" LP Gatefold - Quote from Label: Gatefold LP,different layout than cd,laminated with printed innersleeve,2 Bonusstücke,handnummeriert auf 520 Einheiten! [Label: Art of Propaganda] Germany 2008

FUNERARY CALL "Sickness Falling" LP - Dark ritual Ambient limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Contains a live from 1999 on side A and unreleased demo material (1999-2001) on side B. Really interesting. [Label: Semen & Blood] 1999

GRAVEYARD "Into The Mausoleum" MLP - with printed inner sleeve - Killer old-school Death Metal! 6 tracks + a cover of Bolt Thrower. [Label: Antichristian Front] Spain 2009

HERSCHER "Pursuit" LP - Drone/Doom from France [Label: Autoprod] France 2012

HERSCHER "s/t" LP - Drone/Doom from France [Label: Autoprod] France 2010

HUM "The Spectral Ship" MLP - Quote from label: two great new pieces by this russian artist, most sensible & emotional drone-ambience, a graceful dance of acoustic reflections & resonances edition of 500 on silver-coloured vinyl, full colour sleeve design by DANIEL CROKAERT / MYSTERY SEA !! [Label: Drone] Russia 2008

HYPOKRAS / BY THE SWORD "Brutal, Deadly, Insane / Metal 'til Death" LP - with insert - Brutal Death/Thrash / Brutal Thrash. [Label: D.U.K.E.] France 2008

KULT OV AZAZEL "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" LP Picture - includes an A2 poster - Merciless Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Crush Until Madness] USA 2006

LUCTUS "Stotis" LP Gatefold - Limited to 250 copies, gatefold jacket printed on reverse board (350 grams) with matt varnish. Includes A2 sized poster. [Label: Inferna Profundus Records] Lithuania 2013

MALCUIDANT "L'Hymne de la Guilde" LP Gatefold - Black Metal. Limited to 450 copies. [Label: Diaphora] France

MENEGROTH / FREITOD "Split MLP" MLP - Quote from label: One sided LP with etched motiv on the other side! Freitod 1. Forgotten Sphere 2. Empires of Eternity Menegroth 3. Stahlbock 4. Imperium Solaris Luzifer [Label: Art of Propaganda] Germany 2008

MOONTOWER "Antichrist Supremacy Domain" LP - Black Metal - Limited to 333 copies. [Label: Act of Hate] Poland 2011

NARTVIND "Until Their Ruin" LP - Limited handnumbered to 500 copies. Underground Black Metal! [Label: Painkiller] Belgium 2003

NAVE "II" MLP - Gatefold - Melancholic & misanthropic Metal. Think more or less to Ved Buens Ende, Katatonia... [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse]

NECROPHAGIA "Black Blood Vomitorium" MLP Picture - Cult Death Metal. [Label: Red Stream] USA

NIGHT MUST FALL "Dissonance Of Thought" MLP - 12" format, 180g vinyl - Funeral Doom Metal. [Label: Rusty Crowbar] Finland 2007

NUNSLAUGHTER / CENTINEX "Hail Germania" MLP Picture - One track from both these maniacs. Centinex is covering "Enchanted Land" from SODOM and Nunslaughter is covering "Preacher" from RUNNING WILD. Killer tribute! [Label: Painkiller] USA 2003

OLD PAGAN "Tecknotschtiklan" MLP - Featuring member of Pagan Winter - 12" MLP limited to 456 copies. [Label: Ordealis] Germany 2003

PAGAN WINTER "the Cult of Flesh" MLP Picture - Brutal Black Metal à la Marduk. [Label: Fudgeworthy] Germany 2002

PERDITOR "In Signo Suo" MLP - 12" w/insert - Bestial Devilworshipping... Intense and technical Black Metal with a lot of rythmic variations. "Chaotic Demonic Raging Madness". Great layout + vinyl bonus only. Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Ordealis] Netherlands 2004

REPENT "Disciple Of Decline" LP - with pro-insert. Quote A.S.R. site : Get back with them to the glorious days in the mid 80´s when all those great Speed / Thrash Metal bands came across the US. Imagine nothing than pure old school Thrash Metal in the vein of the first albums of EXODUS, VIOLENCE, FORBIDDEN, DEATH ANGEL. [Label: Autopsy Stench] Germany 2004

RIPIT "Dechetirements" LP - LP - Rythmic Indus/Harsh Noise [Label: YB70]

SATANIC BLOOD "Satan Boven Alles" LP - Extreme bestial Black Metal assault fighting for satanic supremacy. Think to Von, Bestial Warlust, Krieg but with their own perception of chaos... Very, very good ! Black Metal is intolerance ! Hail Satan ! [Label: Sadolust] 2006

SHADOWBREED "The Light of the Shadow" MLP Picture - 12" + insert Thrash/Death Metal inpired by heroïc fantasy [Label: Painkiller] Netherlands 1999

SIGILLUM DIABOLI/STORMING DARKNESS "same title/ Path of Death" LP Gatefold - Gatefold - Cold & raw Black Metal/Blasphemous linear Black Metal praising hate & violence. Ltd 500. Interesting split of bands following the Cult. [Label: Blasphemous Underground] Russia 2006

SILVA NIGRA "Symbol Of Hate" LP - (Cze) - Vinyl version of this satanic raw Black Metal album. Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Undercover]

SOL AXIS "... To Mark The Ages" MLP Gatefold - Recorded between September and December 2004. Fold out cover. The record is dedicated to Thomas Quorthon Forsberg and Bathory. [Label: Invictus] Ireland 2004

SPETÄLSK "Perverted commandment" MLP - Swedish black metal, 4 tracks mlp. [Label: Unexploded Records] Sweden 2055

SPINNING HEADS "Change the game" LP - US lp version in transparent clear lp. Their first album. Heavy noisy chaos hardcore. Think KNUT & co... TRACK LISTING : 01. Put One's Finger On Score 02. Last 03. Words Can't Explain 04. Epitaph 05. Japan 06. Rocky 07. False Confession 08. Roll The World 09. Addiction 10. When Suffering Became Performing LINER NOTES : Recorded by Serge MORRATEL in Geneva at Rec. Studio (KNUT, SHORA, TANTRUM...), june 2004 [Label: Sedition Records] France 2004

SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION "Goodbye Mr Wanton" LP - Great Metalcore Noise including one bonus track: "Little Boy Photograph". [Label: Radar Swarm] France 2005

TERRA FIRMA "Harms Way" LP Picture - Picture - Stoner with some Heavy Metal touches. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: SPV] Sweden 2001

THE SYRE "Resistance" LP - Minimalist Black Metal against all! Singing in French. [Label: Nightmare] Canada 2009

THE TRUE ENDLESS "A Climb to Eternity" LP - with insert. Black Metal. [Label: Aphelion] Italy 2006

THORN AGRAM "Ar Dievu" MLP - Industrial / Neofolk release defending the old european spirit. Limited to 497 handnumbered copies with 2 inserts and 4 postcards. [Label: Ars Benevola Mater] Croatia 2004

THRONEUM "The Unholy Ones" MLP - Ancient Nightmarish Death Terror Metal Handnumbered to 500 copies. [Label: Bestial Invasion] Poland 2007

TURAMBAR "Fallen Dreams" MLP - Two songs of stoner/doom metal from Denver, Colorado. [Label: Game Two] USA 2005

UNCELESTIAL "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" MLP - Limited to 500 copies - Quote from NH : With new line-up, ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, and much more, with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. Nearly half an hour of length these days could qualify as "full length", but this 4 tracks + intro recording is 12” pressed on 45rpm with great sound!! Hear mp3 of one of the tracks on below mentioned site. [Label: Northern Heritage] Finland 2009

UNDERCOVER SLUT "Amerikkka Macht Frei" LP - quote from label: Black Vinyl Edition of this masterpiece. UNDERCOVER SLUT are definiteky France's best enemies! Industrial/Goth Rock. [Label: Deadlight] France 2010

UNDERCOVER SLUT "Amerikkka Macht Frei" LP - Quote from label: White Vinyl Edition of this masterpiece. UNDERCOVER SLUT are definiteky France's best enemies! Industrial Goth Rock. [Label: Deadlight] France 2010

VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte" LP - Debut album. 8 tracks of Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere and pride of Necromass, Altar Of Perversion and Mortuary Drape yet with a personal sound! Powerfully recorded and equally aggressive and melodic, Veneror will slit your throat and crush your heart with hands cold as Death itself. Available on CD and LP with high-gloss lamination cardboard and gold printing. Designed with majestic art by Necromantic Arts (Swe) and layout by Ba'al (Hol). Released in cooperation with New Era Productions. limited to 500 pieces [Label: Hexencave] Italy 2013

VULPECULA "In Dusk Apparition" LP - with insert/poster - Casting one’s gaze upward into the vast emptiness of the night sky, one gets a sense of the profound isolation of man in the context of the universe while simultaneously being awed at its majesty. Man’s dominion, which looms so large under the light of day, is reduced to nothing against the subtle and ancient light of the infinite collection of the distant stars and the interstitial blackness of space. Vulpecula conjure perfectly this shiver of loneliness that we must confront. They embrace the mystery of the void and the vastness of space. The mighty Chuck Keller (Order From Chaos, Ares Kingdom) began Vulpecula in the mid 1990’s as a vehicle for exploring these celestial themes. Compositionally, Vulpecula defies simple categorization—as do all of Keller’s projects. No single term can be employed to describe the sound of Vulpecula. Although elements of black metal, death metal, thrash, and ambient/experimental can be heard, the music instead revolves around the conceptual framework of the band. Riffs and sounds are chosen for the evocative effect rather than an attempt to remain within a particular style. Nonetheless, anyone familiar with Keller’s guitar playing will recognize his proclivity for epic song structures and intricate songwriting. Supplementing Keller’s guitar work is the precise and artful percussion of Chris Overton (Legeia/Nepenthe). Following the brilliant “Fons Immortalis” 10". [Label: Bird of Ill Omen] USA 2009

WAFFENTRÄGER LUZIFERS "Awakened By The Horned Master" LP - Quote from label: Contains the Songs from the Split with Heretic, Redreom & Prosatanos. Primitive Goatworshpping Black Metal and strictly lim. 250 copies.. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Germany 2011

WITHERSHIN "The Hungering Void" MLP - red and black splatter MLP with insert. Recorded at Necromorbus Studio. [Label: Canonical Hours] Sweden 2010

WOLFSSCHREI "Torture of a Human Soul" MLP - 12" - with insert. Lim. to 300 copies. [Label: Raging Bloodlust] 2006

WOLFTHRONE "Towards Ipsissimus" LP - Quote from label: Vinyl version with 2 Bonustracks and limited to 300 copies "After the split EP with Erhabenheit released in 2008 Wolfthorn returns with its third full-length opus entitled “Towards Ipsissimus”. Recorded with a new line-up consisting of the current and former members of the much respectable German hordes such as Purest, Empaligon and Total Hate, clad in a raw yet powerful sound garment the album delivers six anthems of ferocious, morbid Black Metal filled with the uttermost devotion to the Highest God of the Other Side." [Label: Art of Propaganda] Spain 2011

WOLFTHRONE "Unleash the Hate" MLP - Quote from label: Wolfthrone-Unleash The Hate MLP Art Of Propaganda, 2011 12” Mini LP of their 2009 record. Limited to 300 copies. 4 songs of black metal,how it has to sound,raw and without compromises.With Kryth of Korgonthurus and the Ex-Behexen Bass player Lunatic on the drums. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Spain 2011

ZAVORASH "In Odium Veritas" LP - Good Black Metal musically speaking. [Label: Perverted Taste] Sweden 2003

7.40 € each:

AFFLICTION GATE "Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions" MLP - 10" + printed innerbag French Old School Death Metal at its best! Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Gospels of Death] France 2014

AGMEN "Damnation" LP - Great Black Metal, 9 trackz to damn you. [Label: Breath of Night] Czech Republic 2000

AKITA / AZUMA / HASWELL / SAKAIBARA "Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger" LP - An excellent collaboration of the masters of electro (Massami AKITA, Reiko AZUMA, Russel HASWELL, Tetsuo SAKAIBARA) on MEGO ! Really hard to find now. [Label: MEGO] Japan 1996

ANNTHENNATH "Paeans of Apostasy" MLP - Second demo from this occult french band, four titles of darkness with dark-ambient parts. White vinyl, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Necromancer] France 2008

ART OF FALLING "Extending Behind This Shape" LP - with printed inner sleeve - Post-Harcore. [Label: Several Bleeds] 2006

BLACK FUNERAL "Az-i-Dahak" LP Gatefold - Lim. to 500 copies. Occult Industrial/Black with ritualistics and tribal parts. [Label: Perverted Taste] USA 2006

BLACK GOAT "S/T" LP - With members or Slough feg, Weakling and Abscess. Originally recorded in 1997.Limited edition [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2006

CORPUS CHRISTII "Lost Chapters" MLP - w/printed inner sleeve - Old unreleased tracks from the first period (before 'The Torment Continues'). Black fucking Metal. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Portugal 2007

DOMINI INFERI/WARHATE "Split" LP Gatefold - Heavy vinyl, printed inner sleeve, poster - The only (and old) recording from this band formed by Förster (Conqueror, Blasphemy, Revenge) / "heathen" brutal Black Metal. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA/Canada 2006

E.C.P. "Generate..." MLP - Produced by Alec Empire [Label: Riot Beats] 1995

FESTER "Silence" LP - Unique Extreme Metal opus from a legend of norwegian underground. [Label: Iron Bonehead] Norway 2011

FORGOTTEN DARKNESS "Nekrolog" LP Gatefold - Quote from label: LP-Version of the 2nd Album. Comes in noble Gatefold cover with printed innersleeve and inside/outside print.Limited to 400 copies. Compares to the first album, but more influenced by melodic parts and depressive ways.First 100 copies in red/black splatter vinyl. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Germany 2009

FORGOTTEN TOMB "Negative Megalomania" LP Gatefold - Quote: This cult album of this suicide/depressive black metal band finally on vinyl. comes on nice gatefold sleeve. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Italy 2011

FOUR YEARS IN 30 SECONDS "A collection of music From Around the World" MLP - Rare - with great act of : Faust, Band of Pain, RLW, Stefan Jaworzyn, Satori, Beequeen, Idea Fire Company, Dual, Merzbow, Pessary, Paul Gomersall,Contraste, Lee Ronaldo, SPlintered, Incapacitants, Pestrepeller, inversion, Business Machines, Pickle Factory, East of the sun, The Shadow ring, Headbutt, Illusion of Safety, Konstruktivists, Nurse With Wound. [Label: Dirter Promotions] 1997

FUNERARY CALL "The Black Root" LP - Dark and intense ritual Ambient out only on vinyl limited to 333 handnumbered copies. Excellent ! [Label: Fluttering Dragon]

GENGHIS TRON "Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 5" MLP - Quote from Crucial Blast "Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 5 is the final installment of the five-volume remix series that has been produced in co-operation between Genghis Tron and five labels (Relapse, Lovepump United, Anticon, Temporary Residence Ltd., and Crucial Blast), and features a myriad number of artists reshaping and reimagining various songs off of Genghis Tron's 2008 album Board Up The House (Relapse Records). Each volume is pressed in a run of 1,000 copies on colored vinyl that ties in with the sleeve art. Board Up The House cover artist, Jon Beasley, has provided each remix album with alternative artwork. The Crucial Blast entry in the Board Up The House remix series features Tim Hecker (Mille Plateaux, Alien8, Staalplaat, Fat Cat) turning the title track "Board Up The House" into a fuzz-entombed bliss-scape, Aidan Baker/Nadja's fifteen-minute glacial vision of "I Won't Come Back Alive", and another remix of "I Won't Come Back Alive" rendered as a blur of distorted electro by Dudes You Can Trust, which is the solo project of Michael Sochynsky from G-Tron taking a heavy mangle approach. This remix platter is easily the most distortion-laden entry in the series! " [Label: Crucial Blast] 2009

HORNED ALMIGHTY "Contaminating The Divine" LP - Quote from label: Finally after one and a half year the vinyl version of Horned Almighty's "Contaminating The Divine" was released.Comes in full coloured sleeve,full coloured printed innersleeve,A2 poster,one bonussong and a beercoaster. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Denmark 2010

IN AETERNUM "The Pestilent Plague" LP Picture - Melodic Black Metal with traditional metal touches, huge sound. [Label: Necropolis] Sweden 2000

IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN "Black Mass Into The Church Of Rats" MLP - 12" MLP Bestial, Obscure & Compulsive Death Metal Assault !!! Fucking Morbid !!! For Fans of Goatlord, Blasphemy, Autopsy, Angel Corpse, Incubus, Sadistik Exekution... 500 Black Copies, Comes with an A2 poster, Booklet (interview). Beautiful Paolo Girardi Cover (Blasphemophagher, Diocletian...) [Label: Chalice of Blood Angel] 2011

MORD "Imperium Magnum Infernalis" LP Gatefold - Hateful Black Metal by members of Xasthur, Striid and Lugubre. Nice release. [Label: Blasphemous Underground] USA 2007

MORDAEHOTH "Eens weer Prevaleert het Heidens Hart " LP - Quote: After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the ‘Bloedwraak’ debut CD MORDAEHOTH returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their new ful-length album. Carved, burnt and built during these nine years, ‘Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart’ offers the ultimate grim Pagan Black Metal opus from the Netherlands: long and dark warhymns blending utter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hatred for the postmodern world.. and pride in taking action AGAINST it! In a truly overcrowded scene we agree that MORDAEHOTH deserves your attention by standing out with a mix Pagan and Black with influences of dark-folk and added athmosphere by keyboard and clear vocals. [Label: New Era] Netherlands 2010

MORZHOL / VORTEX OF END "split" MLP Gatefold - Quote: Planned since a big while, and finally out, this odious split MLP gathers two of the most interesting french chaos formations. While MORZHOL spits hatred Black Metal with primitive and crude sound, VORTEX OF END brings out nuclear punishment and pounding terror of Black/Death Metal. [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] France 2011



SKITLIV / CURRENT 93 "Bloodletting" MLP Picture - 3 tracks of these disturbed and brilliant misanthropic projects. Limited Edition of 777 copies with insert. [Label: Cold Spring] Norway 2010

TOTENLIEDER "Negative Kharma" LP - Quote from label: Songs of decadence, murder and excesses - anything that lowers one's Kharma!With influences ranging from Ain Soph and Novy Svet to Edith Piaf and the Shockheaded Peters, Simon Leduc's drunken sonorities are the perfect soundtrack all night wrong. Design by Nikolay Saveliev. Limited to 11 copies on red vinyl. [Label: Neuropa] Canada 2006

WERMUT "Les Cinq-à-Sept Post-Néoistes" MLP - Limited edition of 500 copies. Track A5 is a cover of Empyreal by Godflesh from their Selfless album. [Label: Old Europa Café] Germany 2004

YATTAÏ "Fast Music Means Love" LP - French Grindcore. Co-produced : Rewolucja Records / Horned Terrör Incarnated Productions / Nuclear Alcoholocaust / Crustatombe / No Way Asso / Underground Pollution / Junky Monkey Records / Douchebag Records [Label: Horned Terror Incarnated Productions] France 2013

10 € each:

ACHERON "Lex Talionis" LP - + insert Reissue with alternate artwork and one bonus track. 400 copies pressed on transparent red vinyl. Recorded and mixed at Vienna Power Station, Wien, Austria. [Label: Funeral Industries] USA 2012

ACHERON "Rites of the Black Mass" LP - Reissue with alternate artwork. Limited version of 100 copies on orange/black splatter vinyl. [Label: Funeral Industries] USA 2012

ALTAIR TEMPLE / EXPO 70 "S/T" LP - Split drone/ambient. Altair Temple is a side-project of the Year of No Light's bassist. [Label: Radar Swarm] France 2011

AMON "Shemhamforash" LP - Re-release of the unique album of this swiss band. Satanic black/death metal. Not to be confused with the Pre-Deicide Amon!!!!! [Label: Funeral Industries] Switzerland 2014

ARMAGEDDA "The final war approching" LP - Reissue of this black metal classic. 8 hymns in His name. Comes with A2 poster. [Label: Inferna Profundus Records] 2010

ASKA "Där vanvett gror" LP - A vicious mix between black metal and noise. Recommanded. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Unexploded Records] Sweden 2007

AVE MARIA "Chapter I" LP Gatefold - Religious black metal, very original and captivating. Featuring Mikko Aspa (Clandestine Blaze, Grunt...) on guest vocals. Heavy cardbord gatefold, limited to 250 copies. [Label: Kult Of Nihilow] Germany 2011

BANISHED FROM INFERNO "Minotaur" LP - + insert & poster featuring member of Graveyard and Of Darkness. [Label: Black Mass] Spain 2011

BLACKDEATH "Fucking fullmoon foundation" LP - Rerelease of their second LP. Limited to 300 copies. Cover art re designed by Maya (drums). Printed innersleeves - A2 poster - 180gr black vinyl - 350 gr outer sleeve with matt lamination. [Label: Cryptic Visions Arts] Russia 2002

EMPTYNESS "s/t" LP - + insert - Raw Black Metal. [Label: K35Inc] France 2002

INCRIMINATED "The Promise of Worse to Come" LP Gatefold - Primitive old-school Black/Death Metal worship. [Label: From Beyond] Finland 2005

LORN "Towards The Abyss Of Disease" LP - Limited to 500 copies. Comes with insert. Recorded at Nologo Studios. Mastered at Studiozem in winter 2004-2005. [Label: Mercenary] Italy 2006

MANTICORE "For Rats And Plague" LP Picture - with outer cover and thick insert ! Third album still in their killer bestial Black/Death Metal approach. [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2006

MASACRE "Muerte Verdadera Muerte" LP - 2001/2004 - Death Metal. Finally edited on vinyl, this is the third full-length attack. [Label: Apocalyptic Empire] Colombia 2004

MOR DAGOR "Necropedophelia" LP Gatefold - red wax lim. to 520 copies. Extreme Black Metal. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] 2006

NIHIL NOCTURNE "Entheogen" LP Gatefold - Last opus of this old german horde! [Label: End All Life] Germany 2008

NOCTURNAL BLOOD "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration" LP Gatefold - Come in a Gatefold cover with UV spot gloss, a large 18" x 24" Poster and booklet. Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his highly anticipated full-length debut "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration." Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths: essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves. Pulsing, pummeling, awe-inspiring primal power... partake in The Morbid Celebration! INFLUENCES: Beherit-Lord Diabolus-Goat Vulva, Blasphemy, Von, Demoncy, Impurity, Hellhammer, Belial [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2010

REVERENCE "Innactive Theocracy" LP Double Gatefold - Double LP in gatefold jacket + insert. [Label: D.U.K.E.] France 2009

SAISON DE ROUILLE "Caduta dei gravi" LP - Avantgarde metal, exploring the fields of doom, noise or even darkwave. Comes with a pro-printed inner sheet. [Label: Kaosthetik] France 2012

SECRETS OF THE MOON "The Exhibitions" MLP Gatefold - transparent vinyl - Superb release of this great interlude between 'Carved in Stigmata Wounds' and 'Antithesis'. Contains the best Darkthrone's cover ever done. [Label: Akedia] Germany 2007

SLAUGHTBBATH "Hail to fire" LP - Bestial and insane black metal the south american way! Gatefold LP with A4 insert. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Chalice of Blood Angel] Chile 2013

SOMM? "Désordre de la pensée - Phase 1&2" LP - Limited to 300 copies. Sonic waves emanate from psychotropic hangovers of the distorted mind. (Each phase was separately released on tape by Putrescence Noire in 2005/2006.) 180g vinyl in heavy cardboard cover. Includes an 8 pages A5 booklet (full colour pro printed on heavy paper). [Label: Of Crawling Shadows] France 2011

STALLAGH ":Projeckt Nihil:" LP - Ultra dark Ambient with intense screaming voices... A deep travel through depression, morbidity, self-mutilation, hate and sikkness... Limited to 500 kopies. [Label: Total Holocaust]

TERRORAMA "Horrid Efface" LP Gatefold - Gatefold w/printed insert, poster - Killer old-school Black/Death with a lot of Thrash influences, but in a truly DARK vein ! Excellent variations (tempo/riffs) and an impressive intensity developped during this masterpiece. Heavy vinyl, high quality pressing. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Sweden 2004

THE BEING "Through Madness to mercury" LP - Quote: Released in alliance with the protagonist of this project and his label. The Being’s debut album deals with the concept of inner-transformation and personal growth on a spiritual level by combining the arts of philosophy & poetry, music & magic into one coherent whole. A musical style perhaps best described as Satanic neofolk/neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance. 250 copies of the horny, Brown vinyl, 12” in fold-around,.custom-made cover including all lyrics were printed thus far. [Label: New Era] 2010

THORNSPAWN "Infernal Allegiance - First Possession" LP Gatefold - + A2 poster - The two demos on vinyl. Barabaric Texan Black Metal! [Label: Agonia] USA 2004

VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" MLP - Quote from label: The long awaited vinyl version of VI's debut Mini album Released as a 12" MLP, fullcoloured with gloss lamination and printed innersleeve. Lim.300 copies in black wax [Label: Art of Propaganda] France 2011

ZATOKREV "Bury The Ashes" LP Double Gatefold - Mid-paced Deathcore Metal. [Label: Get A Life!] Switzerland 2007

12 € each:

ABORYM "Generator" LP Gatefold - Deluxe Edition, Black vinyl + A2 poster [Label: Dead Seed] Italy 2014

12/11/2015 - OSCULUM "The Axis of Blood" Tape in exclusive distribution :

"The Axis of Blood"

SK'R026-MC - 2015

Tape version of their second full length.

Limited & Handnumbered to 100 copies.

Released by Battlesk'rs.

Listen :

“Osculum Infame is not a political band. Osculum Infame is worse. And whatever, Osculum Infame fucks you all.”


11/11/2015 - Les Apôtres de l'Ignominie - merchandising :

in exclusive distribution:

LES APÔTRES DE L'IGNOMINIE "Sigil" Metal Pin - limited to 50 copies
MALHKEBRE "logo" Embroidered patch - limited to 100 copies
MALHKEBRE "Obscurus Religiosus" Woven patch - limited to 100 copies
MALHKEBRE "Logo" Metal Pin - limited to 50 copies
SEKTARISM "Logo" Metal Pin - limited to 50 copies

Insoumission & Fanatisme

11/11/2015 - MALHKEBRE Embroidered patch :

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