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23/02/2019 - The Sinister Flame :

We are proud to announce that we officialy distribute the finnish label:


Last project of Mr Northwind well known for his other project of the same name the excellent paper fanzine "THE SINISTER FLAME" a longtime devotee to Black Arts.

Open The Gate...

13/02/2019 - NEVER STOP! :


First version of this now cult visual!

High quality circular embroidered patch
with iron-backing

Size: 10 cm

100 copies

retail price: 5 €

in exclusive distribution


released by the strong:


18/01/2019 - HELEL - LP repress out now - Clear version :

2019 repress

A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh
Gatefold LP

Clear version limited to 150 copies

4 tracks of relentless hammering to serve the very principle - Industrial Black Metal at its finest.

Artwork by Metastazis

04/01/2019 - Happy New Year: Only Human Ashes Are Real... :


High quality circular embroidered patch

Size: 10 cm

100 copies

retail price: 5 €

released by
BATTLESK'RS Productions

05/12/2018 - New Release :

news from Battlesk'rs in exclusive distribution

ASMODEE (pre-S.V.E.S.T.)

« Aequilanx »

CD Digipack

SK'R029 limited to 333 copies

21 years ago was recorded the first and only opus of the real french Asmodée « Aequilanx ». Not to be confused with the others french bands of the same name. Asmodée was a short-life project, 2 main members Spica and Gregor have evolved the same year in what becomes « Satanas Vobiscum et Spiritum Tuo » - S.V.E.S.T. while the 3 others members have fallen in a black abyss. During the same period Spica was focused on Cantus Bestiae, another perfect exemple of what Black Metal should be. What you can listen here is the supremacy of French Black Metal of the 90’s era. And the first step of 2 incredible devotees of the Devil that have marked the French Black Metal with their still burning sigil.

Initially released on tape in 1997 and in 2001 on vinyl by End All Life Productions.

BerZerK on behalf of Battlesk’rs Productions


in exclusive distribution
released by


10/09/2018 - SEKTARISM "Fils de Dieu" :

« Fils de Dieu »


CD Digipak with 20 page booklet

Released on September 10th in a splendid digipak with artwork courtesy of Dehn Sora.

“Fils de Dieu” is a slow and inexorable march to death, a dissonant lamentation over the failure of humanity.
The weight of shame and decay in your heart. The taste of tears and vinegar in your mouth.
A chant of despise, disillusion and scorn.

NoEvDia - YouTube

released by End All Life Productions

05/08/2018 - Lvx In Tenebris European Tour - Updated :

31/07/2018 - Necrostands :
Cet été, retrouvez notre stand Necrocosm sur les markets des festivals suivants:

- Sylak Festival: 3, 4, 5 août, Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans (01)
- Motocultor Festival: 17, 18, 19 août, Saint-Nolff (56)

14/07/2018 - Latest release of Zanjeer Zani Productions :


6 panel booklet

Stricly limited to 100 handnumbered copies


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

''All that is great in the sense of culture has always been non-political and even apolitical'' (Nietzsche)

The sign is born, becomes insignificant and beyond, sadly insignificant. This microbe of time is a silent giant of power. Smallness of the sign for smallness of the spirit of the one who subscribes to it, for it is easier to believe than to think. So, little man, you obey the insignia because you are no longer sure of your own will; Or will you realize that obedience inspires more horrible crimes than rebellion? The mass is a docile flock that does not think and is unable to live without a master. Then sounds the death knell of the spirit that is imprisoned. Little Man, if the image catches you then you will enter the palace of totalitarian devotion. You will be only a beast, a slave of all, all propaganda, of all the miserable sirens which debase the nobility which awaited you nevertheless. Go to the light of yourself little man, remember that the nihilist is not one who believes in nothing but one who does not believe in what is.


Le signe nait, devient insigne et au-delà, tristement insignifiant. Ce microbe du temps est un géant silencieux de puissance. Petitesse du signe pour petitesse de l'esprit de celui qui y souscrit, car il est plus facile de croire que de penser. Alors, petit homme, tu obéis à l'insigne car tu n'es plus sûr de ta propre volonté ; ou réaliseras-tu que l'obéissance inspire plus de crimes horribles que la rébellion ? La masse est un troupeau docile qui ne pense pas et est incapable de vivre sans maître. Alors sonne le glas de l'esprit qui s'emprisonne. Petit Homme, si l'image te happe alors tu entreras dans le palais de la dévotion totalitaire. Tu ne seras qu'une bête, un esclave de toute, toutes propagandes, de toutes sirènes misérables qui avilissent la noblesse qui t'attendait pourtant. Va vers la lumière de toi-même petit homme, rappelle-toi que le nihiliste n'est pas celui qui ne croit en rien mais celui qui ne croit pas en ce qui est.

''Tout ce qui est grand dans le sens de la culture a toujours été non politique et même apolitique'' (Nietzsche)

08/07/2018 - in stock now :



Metal Pin

High quality

Both limited to 50 copies

produced by


14/06/2018 - The Evangelikum Warchangel Hope You Die :


"Evangelikum Warchangel"

Hooded Zipped

Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

Few copies in stock

in exclusive distribution
released by



31/05/2018 - Frais de port pour la France :

Baisse des tarifs pour les colissimo jsqu'à 2 kg pour la France.

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