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08/08/2013 - available in exclusive distribution :


Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP009-MC

The first full-length of these french doom freakz at last available on cassette.

Listen "Blurry and Muzzy"

Exclusively distributed by "Necrocosm".

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07/08/2013 - merch also available :

"Hell Hate Booze Forever"

T-Shirt & Girly

Sizes: S, M, L & XL

05/08/2013 - PROMO on CD's : 2.90 € -> 6.90 € - Limited quantities! :


Acrimonious, Ash Pool, Azaghal, Band of Pain, Barbara, Black Manta, Bloody Gore, Celestia, Christicide, Craft, Dagon, Delve, Drowning The Light, Frozen Shadows, Pestnebel, Purgatory, Runemagick, Sabbat, Sangraal...

74 X 13 "V/A" CD - (various) - 2001 - with Nihil est excellence, Chaos as shelter, Emulsion...12 bands [Label: DTA] 3.90 €

A TRIBUTE TO ROZZ WILLIAMS "The Tongue Achieves The Dialest" CD - Tribute to the ex-singer of Christian Death by bands like: Omewenne, Galaxxy Chamber, Stone 588, Insanasomnia, Silvery, Casual, Human Disease, I Will I, Kiss the Blade... etc. [Label: Dark Vinyl] 4.90 €

ACRIMONIOUS "Perdition Gospel" MCD - Previously released as a demo tape on Nuclear Winter rekordz, 4 tracks of adoration for the Devil and His work. Inspired by bands like Watain or Dissection. [Label: Salvation] 4.50 €

ALTAR OF GIALLO "Grind Musick for Giallo Maniacs" MCD - Interesting slow/mid-paced Death Metal with some grind influences, as well as Nunslaughter touch, which carries a special dark feeling! [Label: Embrace my Funeral] 3.50 €

ANAL NOSOROG "The Beautiful People" MCD - Grindcore/Death Metal [Label: Pizdet Records Ohuet Lehko] 3.90 €

ANCIENT GODS/INFINITUM OBSCURE "" CD - Split - Interesting Black/Death Metal. [Label: Sempiternal] 6.90 €

ANGEL CORPSE "of Lucifer and Lightning" CD - Last album ! [Label: Osmose] 6.90 €

ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD - Experimental Grindcore. [Label: Selfmadegod] 4.50 €

ANTIGAMA "Zeroland" CD - Third album, their most accessible offering. [Label: Selfmadegod] 4.50 €

APHOTIC "Under Veil Of Dark" MCD Digipack - Dark Metal, still in the same vein than the first mini-album [Label: Autoprod] 2.90 €

APHOTIC/DUSK "To find new darkness/The slumber" CD - Doomy melodic Death Metal for Aphotic/Dark Death Metal with slow part and some acoustics melodies [Label: Cursed] 4.90 €

APOLION "Hungry of Souls" CD - Powerful Black Metal [Label: Bylec-Tum] 2.90 €

ARPHAXAT "Loudun la Maudite" CD - The long awaited full-length album from the mighty ARPHAXAT now awaits! Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor). "Loudun la Maudite" forges even more holocaustic obscurity inspired by their majestic and mysterious myths of Pictavia. Those possessed by their 2003 demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album. [Label: Hells Headbangers] 3.90 €

ASH POOL "World Turns On Its Hinge" CD - Perverse Black Metal with Krieg's influences. [Label: Tour De Garde] 5.90 €

ASKUROR / VARGSHELKE "Kirchenbrand" CD - Split - Raw Black Metal. [Label: Nordsturm] 5.90 €

ATOMIZER "Songs Of Slaughter... Songs Of Sacrifice" CD - "The latest material from these Aussie metal bastards! Previously only available on a double vinyl 7" EP, now released as a CD with bonus cover song of S.O.D "Speak English Or Die"! Over 25 minutes of Evil Fuckin, Hell Rockin, Black Ritual Slayin, Metal from down under!!! Killer layout with lyrics, band pictures & impressive metallic gold print!" Sold out from the label! [Label: Hells Headbangers] 6.90 €

ATROPOS "Creature Chthonienne" CD - Dark Metal with one Live Bonus Song. [Label: Autoprod] 2.90 €

AUTUMN LEAVES "As night conquers day" CD - Swedish gotheborg death metal [Label: Serious Entertainment] 4.90 €

AUTUMN VERSES "Tunes of Disconsolation" CD - Heavy/symphonic Black Metal. [Label: Solistitium] 3.90 €

AZAGHAL "Codex Antitheus" CD - Finnish hateful black metal. [Label: Avantgarde] 6.90 €

AZAGHAL "Kyy" MCD - Fast Black Metal [Label: Aftermath] 4.50 €

AZAGHAL "Luciferin Valo" CD - Hateful and epic black metal. [Label: Avantgarde] 6.90 €

AZEROTH "Live In Polygon" CD - Sympho Black Metal. [Label: Taigasounds] 3.90 €

BAND OF PAIN "Qué Amiga ?" CD - Cinematographic Ambient Music [Label: Cold Spring] 6.90 €

BARASTIR "Under the Banner of Hate" MCD - Anti-christian Black Metal inspired by Warloghe. [Label: Black Devastation] 3.50 €

BARBARA "Peger" CD - Experimental mix of noise-core, sludge and grind. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] 5.50 €

BEELZEB "Misanthrope's Aurora" CD - [Label: Black Seed] 4.50 €

BEHEADED LAMB "A grave to this world" CD - Mid-tempo alike desecration, bewitched metal [Label: MMM] 3.50 €

BELEF "Deathwind Legions" MCD - Brutal Black Metal [Label: Criminal] 3.90 €

BESTIAL "Final Presage" CD - Black/Death Metal - with one Bonus video : Blasphemy Blessing of Fire. [Label: Mutilation] 4.50 €

BESTIAL HOLOCAUST "Final Exterminacion" CD - Bestial Death/Thrash with extreme female vocals. [Label: Kill Yourself] 5.90 €

BETHLEHEM "Suicide Radio" CD - "Bethlehem unleash an audio/visual CD-rom entitled "Suicide Radio." This CD-rom includes video clips, remixed songs, photo gallery, flash animation, discography and more. Designed to penetrate the senses, deep into the subconcious depths where the bleak truth of existence is shackled and bound by the lies of our unnatural society - this is where Bethlehem shine the dark light of a collapsed star, exposing the weakness of rational thought in the face of a waiting abyss." [Label: Red Stream] 6.90 €

BLACK ASTROLOGY "Kingdom Of Ghosts" CD - Dark Metal. [Label: Taigasounds] 2.90 €

BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" CD - Dirty old-school Black Metal, rotten to the bones. Very pleasant split. [Label: Primitive Reaction] 4.90 €

BLACK FLAME "Torment & Glory" CD - Old school crusching Black/Death [Label: Eerie Art] 4.90 €

BLACK FUNERAL "Belial Arisen" CD - Black Metal. Never released until' now, this album was originally recorded in 1996... Expect an excellent primitive atmosphere of demon's worshipping. [Label: Behemoth] 6.90 €

BLACK FUNERAL "Ordog" CD - Occult Black/Industrial, similar to the previous opus, the Ritual continue... [Label: Behemoth] 5.90 €

BLACK HOLE GENERATOR "Black Karma" MCD - Long mini-album (24 min) of Industrialized Black Metal. Very well done. [Label: Ars Magna] 3.90 €

BLACK MANTA "Fuck them all but six" MCD - Fuckin' dirty Doom, heavy bombastic rock n'roll until death ! [Label: psycheDOOMelic] 4.90 €

BLACK SIN "Light of Despair" CD - Raw and desperate black metal. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: D.U.K.E.] 3.90 €

BLACKDEATH "Satan macht frei" CD - 4th grim Black Metal album. [Label: Drakkar] 6.90 €

BLACKDEATH "Saturn Sector" CD - True Satanic Black Metal in the old vein ! Raw and mid tempo. [Label: ISO666] 6.50 €

BLACKOUT "s/t" MCD - Metal [Label: Perennial Quest] 2.90 €

BLACKTHRONE "Above The Law" CD - Blackened Finnish Punk. Compilation of their demo material limited to 500 copies. [Label: Suffering Jesus] 4.50 €

BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY "Devil's Mayhem" CD - Black/death Metal with Palubicki from Angel Corpse and Blume from Ares Kingdom. [Label: Osmose] 5.50 €

BLODULV "Diatribe" MCD - Grim Black Metal march, terminal cancerous. [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] 4.50 €

BLOOD CULT "We Who Walk Behind the Rows" CD - Redneck Black Metal. [Label: Rusty Axe] 3.90 €

BLOOD RED FOG "s/t" CD - Depressive Black Metal. [Label: Grievantee] 6.90 €

BLOODY GORE "Blood Driven Vehemence" CD - Furious Death/Gore/Grind. [Label: Uxicon] 5.90 €

BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS "Simian Hybrid Prototype" CD - A modernized form of traditional Grindcore. [Label: The Spew] 2.90 €

BOTULISTUM "Pestilential Terror" CD - Totally sick and extremely chaotic Black Metal. Live at the Pestilence Fest + the track originally appearing on the split 7" with Domini Inferi. [Label: Target:Earth] 6.75 €

BRAVE "Searching For The Sun" CD - Progressive metal/rock with female vocals. [Label: Dark Symphonies] 4.90 €

BRIEF RESPITE "Lullaby to the moon" CD - Debut album from this relatively new band from the region of Montreal, Quebec. High quality Melodic Death metal with black metal overtones (Vocals!). this technical quintet could be best described as a cross over between old DARK TRANQUILITY and DEATH (“Sounds Of Perseverance” - era) with a pinch of CHILDREN OF BODOM thrown in. Very diversed but always extremely catchy all this delivered with a excellent production! [Label: Great White North] 4.75 €

BROKEN EDGE "Nofamenonamenoshame" MCD - Power Metal. Contain a cd-rom bonus track [Label: Thundering] 4.75 €

CADAVERIC INCUBATOR/FETAL DECAY/MORTALIZED "3way split" CD - Death Metal/Grindcore. [Label: Soulflesh Collector] 4.90 €

CAEDES "Seelenharmonie" MCD - Evil Black Thrash with a bestial voice [Label: Black Saxon] 3.75 €

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Through chasm, caves and Titan woods" MCD - Black Metal [Label: Avantgarde] 6.90 €

CATHETER "Dimension 303" CD - Grindcore with Crust influences. [Label: Selfmadegod] 2.90 €

CELESTIA "Archaenae Perfectii" CD - Quote from label: "Highly anticipated new album from French Black Metal band Celestia - Limited edition DigiCD includes 16page booklet - an Apparitia Recordings Release." [Label: Apparitia] 6.90 €

CEREMONIAL EXECUTION "Death Shall Set Us Free" CD - Reedition version by Nuclear Winter, including the Demo 2007 and the 7EP Black God Rising as bonus tracks! Death Metal Assault! [Label: Nuclear Winter] 5.90 €

CHRISTICIDE "s/t" CD - Hypnotic, crude, satanic, dark, sometimes catchy Black Metal. Those who have the excellent demo 'Apex of Negativity' know what it is about. Here is the CD version. [Label: Those Opposed] 6.90 €

CHTON "Chtonian Lifecode" CD - Chton's debut full length is a sensory assault of dark and brutal Norwegian death metal. Formed at the beginning of the new millennium, Chton's crushing, technical and cold-blooded death metal unites the black heart which has existed at the centre of death metal since it's inception and which has followed it's own timeline via bands like Celtic Frost, Death, Morbid Angel and Entombed with the furious, precision-led extremity of today, exhibited by bands such as Nile and Hate Eternal. 'Chtonian Lifecode' is now here to ensure that Chton's name is spoken of in the same exalted tones as Norway's other masters of extremity [Label: Retribute] 2.90 €

COERCION "Lifework" MCD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Animate] 3.50 €

CORPUS CHRISTII "In League With Black Metal" CD - Fast and desecrating Black Metal [Label: Hiberica] 4.90 €

CORPUS CHRISTII "Tormented Belief" CD - A return with a more traditional cold and raw Black Metal. Definitely a very good band ! [Label: Undercover] 5.90 €

CORPUS CHRISTII/THE SYRE "F.O.R.D." CD - Split - Black Metal [Label: Sadolust] 6.90 €

CRAFT "Total Soul Rape" CD - The remastered version of the first album. Death to planet earth ! [Label: Selbstmord] 6.90 €

CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "War Summoning" MCD - Ultra Raw Black Metal limited to 1000 kopies. [Label: Deathstrike] 4.75 €

CRYFEMAL "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" CD - The beginning of a new era for the band : slow mid-paced Black Metal, depressive and incantatory in the vein of Xasthur (not being a cover band luckily). A quality release, indeed. [Label: Oniric] 5.90 €

CUMGUN "Suck The Guts From My Slut" MCD - If you enjoy Grindcore and Quebec accent... 2.90 €

CZARNE ZASTEPY " w holdzie KAT" CD - Quote from label: 15 bands paying homage to the legendary KAT - godfathers of Back/Thrash Metal music in Poland (formed in 1981). Covers are performed by such well known bands like VADER, BEHEMOTH, LUX OCCULTA, LUCIFERION (with Snowy Show of ex-KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE on backing vocals), DAMNATION and others! Exclusive songs that are not available on regural artist's releases. 6.90 €

D.R.S. "No One Should Have The Right To Speak Anymore" MCD - Special packaging Excellent dark anti-human Ambient. Mcd in a 7"EP cover limited to 949 handnumbered copies. [Label: Kaosthetik] 5.90 €

DAGON "In Desolationem Per Nefandum" CD - Black metal, including VASAELETH's drummmer. [Label: Fire of Fire] 5.90 €

DAÄTH SHADOW "Crown for Kings" CD - First effort of this occult coming value! [Label: Osmose] 6.90 €

DEAD HEAD "Depression Tank" CD - Last release of these thrashers! [Label: Displeased] 4.90 €

DEAD WOOD "8 19" CD - Impressive, genuine extreme and dark power electronics. [Label: Cold Spring] 6.90 €

DEATHROW "Raging Steel" CD - Remastered reissue of this 1987's album! Includes one bonus track. [Label: Displeased] 5.90 €

DECAYED/THUGNOR "Split" CD - DECAYED strikes again with their old-school Black-Metal. Still in their VENOM/BATHORY way, so thrashing yet very dark music, sometimes even atmospheric. And if their style hasn't changed that much, they know how to vary their songs. As for THUGNOR, this side-projet of J.A. From DECAYED, It's pure Doom-Death-Metal. Dark, menacing and very atmospheric yet with fast parts like all these early 90's bands did. [Label: Drakkar] 4.90 €

DELVE "The Dead Amongst" MCD - This is the pre-Verminous, so expext a furious Death Metal assault in your shitty face! Fuck you! [Label: Nuclear Winter] 3.75 €

DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS "Clear Light" CD - Destructo Swarmbots has carved a unique niche for themselves over the past 4 years. Their live shows consist of chaotic walls of white noise, improvised textures and battered instruments. Their recordings are delicate, at times meditative, washes of ambience constructed from countless piles of tortured sounds. Influenced heavily by 200+ needle-dropped, out of print psyche records, "Clear Light" is their strongest effort yet and the next step on their journey to artistic isolation. [Label: Public Guilt] 6.90 €

DEVASTATOR "The End" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Regimental] 4.75 €

DIAMATREGON "Blasphemy For Satan" CD - Excellent Black Metal with thrash influences their last opus limited to 500 handnumbered copies [Label: DMG] 6.90 €

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS "Magical Matrix Of Dimensional Continuum" CD - Fast, varied and tortuous Black Metal with some industrial touches. Members of Fluisterwoud. [Label: Asphyxiate] 5.75 €

DIVINE CODEX "Ante Matter" CD - Black Metal with guest Attila Csihar on vocals. [Label: War Arts] 4.90 €

DOMINI INFERI "Devil Cult" CD - The full length of Domini inferi, the solo project of Hellchrist XUL fonder member of Funeral winds. Raw and primitive music to praise Satan, to hail perversion, to blaspheme the holy trinity and it's pathetic followers... inspired by bands as Beherit, Von and old Bathory. This is the True Devil Cult. [Label: Sadolust] 6.75 €

DROWNING THE LIGHT "An Alignment of Dead Stars" CD - Last album from this raw and grim cult band! [Label: Avantgarde] 6.90 €

EMPYREAN SKY "The Snow White Rose of Paradise" CD - Epic, progressive metal. [Label: Wormwood] 2.90 €

EPICRISE/BALLGAG "Kublo69/Tales of a Cornered Bitch - Split CD" CD - Remastered reedition of the 2006 "Tales of a Cornered Bitch" (BALLGAG part). [Label: Ukragh] 4.75 €

EVIL WARRIORS OF SOUTHERN LANDS "Part 1" CD - UGBM compil with Corpus Christi, Vultos Vociferos, Eris Maestus, Pactum, Regnum Umbra Ignis, Kabarath, Govanon, Dark Paramount, Desdominus,Triumph, Psicodeath, Kreditor. Complete and killer layout ! [Label: Goat Music] 2.90 €


FIEND "Black Abhorrent Metal" CD - Crude Black Metal. Contains a cover of Carpathian Forest. [Label: Warfront] 3.90 €

FLESH "Dödsangest" CD - (Swe) - 2005 - Mid-tempo powerful Thrash Metal with a huge sound. [Label: Iron Fist] 2.90 €

FORGOTTEN DARKNESS "Nacht auf Blut" CD - Second album of fast, cold and crude Black Metal. Really decent. [Label: Ewiges Eis] 4.90 €

FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES "Blast!" CD - Clean Modern Grind with a Slight Electronic touch. [Label: View Beyond] 4.90 €
FROZEN SHADOWS "Empire de Glaces" CD - Re-release of the first demo. Ultra-fast and cold Black Metal. [Label: Millenium Metal] 6.90 €

GALLHAMMER "Gloomy Lights" CD - Black/Doom Metal influenced by Hellhammer. [Label: Bestial Burst] 6.90 €

GENOCIDE "Apocalyptic Visions" CD - Quote from the label : After the demo "In Abhorrence Of Mankind" and the single "Blasphemic Terrorism" Genocide finally attacks with their first full length album called "Apocalyptic Visions". Expect nothing else than raw devastating and blasphemous BM without any compromise. If you are really into orthodox stuff this album will crush you. It is another nail in the rotting corpse of Jesus Christ. Whimps, posers, internet kiddies and NSBMler FUCK OFF. This release is not for you! [Label: Van] 5.90 €

GHREMDRAKK "Je m'exalte" CD - Raw Black Metal in the nordic tradition. [Label: Grievantee] 4.90 €

GOAT HORNS "Magician Of Black Chaos" MCD - Old School Black/Thrash [Label: Aphelion] 3.90 €

GOATHOLOCAUST "Satan jugend" CD - 2006 - Black/Death Metal. [Label: Infernus] 4.50 €

GODÜS "Hell Fuck Demon Sound" CD - Extreme Black Metal in your face ! [Label: Xtreem music] 2.90 €

GRIM FORCE "Circulation To Conclusion" CD - Brutal Thrash Metal with killer guitar soli [Label: World Chaos] 3.50 €

HILLS OF SEPHIROTH "The Neglected Ancestry" CD - Cold and hypnotic Black Metal with majestic atmospheres and possessed vocals. [Label: Wulfrune Worxxx] 5.90 €

INFESTUM "Infestum" MCD - (Bela) - 2001 - Fast Black Metal with some martial parts [Label: Battle Hymn] 3.90 €

INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upon this Throne of Waste and Decay" CD - Macabre, fast and aggressive Black Metal. Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies. 5.90 €

INSTINCT "s/t" CD - (UK) - 2006 - Pagan Black Metal, enough dark to be listenable. [Label: Suffering Jesus] 4.90 €

MISCREANT "Oppressive" CD - Technical and melodic Death Metal. [Label: Autoprod] 3.90 €

NECROFROST "In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor" CD - Quote from THR : The first of two underground gems to be unearthed and given the attention it truely deserves. If you never heard of NECROFROST prior to this, then this is the album to start with. Cold and dirty Black Metal with that necrotic feeling that not many bands can pull off. Originally released in 2000, and ended up being forgotten due to a strict limitation and a not too good distribution on the title. This will change now though. Released in an undisclosed ammount of units. [Label: Total Holocaust] 4.90 €

OATH TO VANQUISH "Applied Schizophrenic Science" CD - Oath to Vanquish is a 3-piece death/grind band from Lebanon, a small place on the Mediterranean sea with a multitude of cultures and a rich history. Founding members Elias (guitar/vocals) and Carlos (drums/vocals) had taken part in several bands since 1992, but in Nov. 2001 they decided to create a new musical beast that would push their songwriting and musicianship skills to a totally new level. OTV played their first gig in Feb. 2002 in Amman, Jordan , delivering a crushing set to an unsuspecting and nascent scene. The band followed with a string of performances which quickly earned them notoriety around the Lebanese underground. When Joseph departed in 2003, Cyril (bass/vocals) joined the band adding an extra dimension to the sound by incorporating bass melodies and fills, as well as the most inhuman and monstrous guttural delivery! The band spent a further 2 years crafting and rehearsing their compositions in preparation to unleashing them to the world. The fruit of their labour comes in the form of their debut album, "Applied Schizophrenic Science", which spawned to life at Mad House Studios, Lebanon. Mixing and mastering was handled by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering, which has helped to deliver crushing production values that do justice to the songs. [Label: Grindethic] 3.90 €

ONIRIK "Spectre" CD - Raw Black Metal [Label: Nightmare] 3.90 €

PAGANIZER "No Divine Rapture" CD - Heavy and brutal old school swedish Death Metal that fans of bands like GRAVE, VOMITORY, CREMATORY, ABRAMELIN, GOD MACABRE and the likes, will devour without mercy!! [Label: Xtreem music] 5.90 €

PARACOCCIDIOIDOMI... "Satyriasis and Nymphomania" CD - Gore/Grind. [Label: American line] 4.90 €

PESTNEBEL "Der Swhwarze Tod" CD - Really good fast, cruel & aggressive Black Metal in the traditional vein. [Label: Warfront] 5.90 €

PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY "Melody And Madness" CD - (Us) - Ethereal Dark Ambient, really interesting [Label: Elegy Music] 5.90 €

PROFUNDIS "Noktum" CD - Effective Black/Death Metal with a huge sound. [Label: Diachell] 2.90 €

PSICOLOCYBE LARVAE "Agony" CD - CD - (Rus) - 2003 - Melodic and delicate Black Metal. [Label: Black Side] 3.90 €

PURGATORY "Luciferianism" CD - CD - (Ger) - 2004 - Furious Brutal and Evil Death Metal. [Label: Animate] 4.90 €

RED TIDE "Para Bellum" CD - Brutal and catchy Death Metal [Label: Witching Black] 3.50 €

REPENT "Disciple of Decline" CD - Thrash Metal with a modern sound. [Label: Autopsy Stench] 4.90 €

REVELATION OF DOOM "Unholy Goatfuck" CD - Quote from Time Before Time front : New face of Polish old school Black/Death Metal underground. Recommended for all fans of Witchmaster, Hellborn and Throneum! Amazing album full of wrath, evil and death !!!!!!! [Label: Time Before Time] 5.90 €

RIBSPREADER "Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants (A collection of undead spew)" CD - Swedish rotten Death Metal mastered by Dan Swano. [Label: Obliteration] 5.90 €

RUNEMAGICK "Invocation of Magick" CD Digipack - Great Doom Metal. 2 digipack version only bonus tracks, limited to 999 handnumbered copies! [Label: Aftermath] 6.90 €

SABBAT / GOAT SEMEN "Sabbatical Goat Semen" CD - Hellish split. A Killer live Assault at Osaka for Sabbat and their Bestial songs from their 2002's demo for Goat Semen. Handnumbered limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Witchhammer] 6.50 €

SAEL "Océan" MCD - Black Metal in the scandinavian vein. [Label: Pictonian] 4.50 €

SAEL "The Sixth Extinction" CD - Progressive black metal, first full length. [Label: Pictonian] 5.90 €

SANGRAAL "Unearthly Night" CD - Occult and raging Black Metal in honour of Gilles de Rais. By a member of Vrolok, Sick and Vomit Orchestra. [Label: Goatowar] 6.50 €

SCRATCHING SOULS "War Experience" CD - (Rus) - 2003 - Melodic Black Metal [Label: Stygian Crypt] 3.90 €

SECLUSION "Skies Veiled In Black" CD - Re-release of the demo + 2 additional tracks. Depressive Black Metal. [Label: Norvus Ordo Diabolum] 4.90 €

SERMENT D'ALLEGEANCE "Serment I Le Sceptre Prophétique" CD - Aesthetic Ambient Art [Label: Mort-Né] 4.50 €

SHUB NIGGURATH "Horror Creatures" CD - Absolutely brilliant old-school Death Metal, extremely brutal with demoniac riffs. This CD contains their demo from 89/90, their two 7" EP's from '91/'92, a live from '93, and a session from '90. Follow the cult of DEATH ! [Label: American line] 5.90 €

SIGNS OF DARNESS "The 17th Floor" CD - 2004 - Veteran melodic black/death metallers from Belgium. [Label: Trinity] 3.90 €

SLAVE'S MASK "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry " CD Digipack - Electro Goth. [Label: n/a] 4.90 €

SOSTRAH TINNITUS "L'Odore del Ramo Spezzato" CD - Ethereal ambient, minimalistic, and very well done... [Label: Beyond] 5.90 €

SPEEDFREAKS "Out For Kicks" CD - Quote from MCR : Sweden, and concretely Gothenburg have been one of the most actives scenes in the rock and metal world. From this cold city arise now Speedfreaks to become in one of the local rock icons, although with a music far from the so-called "gothenburg sound". The band is back in this second album with a more mature, personal and powerful sound, that take roots in bands as Motörhead, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath and The Cult among others, but obtaining their own and original sound, based in a mixture between rock'n'roll, hard rock, plus some touches of metal and punk. High energy and pure Rock'n Roll, plenty of power, aggressiveness, good melodies, catchy songs full of brilliant riffs and an excellent cover of Nazareth´s "Somebody to roll". [Label: Mondongo Canibale] 4.90 €

SUMERIA "Legends" CD - Black metal [Label: Quadrivium] 2.90 €

SUMMON "Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls" CD - (Usa) - 1996 - Intense Black/Death Metal [Label: Blackened Moon] 3.90 €

THE WINE OF SATAN "Volume II" CD - Compilation. The cults conspiring to spread His words through this infernal compendium are Bestial Mockery, Code, Funeral Winds, Furze, Hell Militia, Irreverent, Root and The One. Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.Packaged in a jewelcase, printed on laminated gloss paper and contains a twelve-page booklet. [Label: Necroterror] 6.90 €

THY WINTER KINGDOM "Opus II - InnerSpectrum" CD - (Ita) - 2004 - Really decent Black Metal [Label: BTOD] 2.90 €

UNEARTHLY "Black Metal Commando" CD - (Bra) - 2003 - Fast Black Metal. [Label: Encore] 3.90 €

UNHOLY LAND "The Fall of the Chosen Star" CD - (Ita) - 2003 - fast Black Metal [Label: Evil Horde] 3.90 €

USURPER "Visions From The Gods" CD Digipack - Death Metal. 1994, demo & rare, live and unreleased material [Label: Necropolis] 6.90 €

VELEHENTOR "Cak-Enra" CD - Special packaging in DVD box with colorful 8 pages booklet - "A project by 121 (ex-Satt)one of the famous band VALHALLA & Closing The Eternity from Ekaterinburg. This album is limited to only 333 copies and is designed in a unique way. Postapocalyptic Dark Wave/Power industrial with radical anti-life position." [Label: Eternal Pride] 5.90 €

VEMOTH "Köttkroksvals" CD - Quote from TOD's website : Formed at the end of 2004, Swedish band VEMOTH received excellent reviews for this debut album, Incredible Swedish Black Metal, very well composed with a melodic touch.Influences/ like: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. [Label: Temple Of Darkness] 4.90 €

VICTIMIZER "The Final Assault" CD - Quote from the label : "Some of the best fucking music out of Denmark since cult Mercyful Fate!! Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from 80-fucking-3. "The Final Assault" is their first & final studio album, a sure lesson in violence… a heavy fucking bulldozer plowing through the wave of newbie friendly fag thrash. This is Rapid Thrashing Violent Speed Metal Hell with an evil edge that cuts like RAZOR!!!!! Face the music, prepare to die!!!" [Label: Hells Headbangers] 6.90 €

VIVID X "V.Xtremal Progress" CD - (Rus) - 2003 - Classical Death Metal with some original arrangements (samples, synths, progressive passages etc). [Label: Blacksmith] 2.90 €

VOMIT "Still Rotting" CD - Compilation of all tapes from this cult Thrash/Death band, originally recorded between '86 and '87. Remastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst). [Label: Lyderhorn] 6.50 €

VORKREIST "Sickness Sovereign" CD Digipack - New full-length of this original Black/Death horde with their new vocalist "Saint-Vincent" from Blacklodge and Arrival of Satan. Really interesting. [Label: Trendkill recordings] 6.90 €

WESTWIND "The Bunker" CD - Dark music with melancholic ambiences [Label: Black Sun Rising] 4.90 €

WITCHMASTER "Violence & Blasphemy" CD - Desecrating Intense album of Black/Thrash. One of the best band in the genre ! [Label: Dark Realm] 6.90 €

WOLFEN SOCIETY "Conquer Divine" MCD - Mysanthropic Black/Death Metal with members of Acheron, Dark Funeral and Incantation. [Label: House of Death] 3.90 €

ZARGOF "Departure For The Cosmic Twilight" MCD - Emotional/brutal sympho Black. [Label: Ars Magna] 2.90 €

30/07/2013 - Shipping information :

For those who order without registered option.

It's at your own risk!

We are not responsible for lost parcels by post services.

28/07/2013 - SAISON DE ROUILLE - T-shirts & Girlies out now! :





14.90 €


19.90 € bundle including CD Digipack

Each model limited to 36 copies including Girlies!

Fruit of the loom shirts.

Available Sizes:
T-shirts: S, M, L & XL.
Girlies: S & M

27/07/2013 - RITUAL 666 :

MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" CD sold-out!

25/07/2013 - !!! :

We don't sign bands anymore we have enough projects for the moment!

Thanks for your understanding.

14/06/2013 - New Battlesk'rs Prodz Releases : DARVULIA "Belladone" MCD/Digital: :
Image hébergée par


Luxuous 6 panel-Digisleeve MCD edition, limited & handnumbered to 499 copies!

6.90 € without shipping.

3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal
originaly released in 2003 on 7" EP and on Tape in 2011 - both versions are sold out.

Logo TS and Girly also back in stock!

Image hébergée par
Image hébergée par

TS: 14.90 € & Girly: 13.90 €

Bundle CD + TS or Girly available: 18.90 €

Digital version through bandcamp

Exclusive distribution by Necrocosm.

Also available through Season of Mist

Les Apôtres de l'Ignominie

16/05/2013 - New Battlesk'rs Prodz Release : Split Pro-TAPE ILL OMEN / PESTILENTIA :

Battlesk'rs is proud to present his new release:

For the first time, we open our gates to foreign Black Metal bands:

a project from Australia with a member totally dedicated to Black Arts


from Belarus.

We are particularly proud to support these real devotees for their commitment in the Lord, in a country where Black Metal is forbidden.

Raw and Evil Black Metal as it should be!

Pro-Tape – SK’R018-MC
strictly limited and handnumbered to 100 copies.

4 € without shipping

Buy fast or Die!!!

exclusive distribution by


11/05/2013 - Zanjeer Zani new releases available in exclusive distribution :

"Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae"

Pro-tape - 6 panel-booklet - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP007

The new french masters of Doom Drone Ritual are back with a new long track.
Their best release so far!


10/05/2013 - SEKTARISM "Le Son des Stigmates" Tape version :

now available in exclusive french distribution from the belarusian label "BeBlessedTheCursed"

blessing xiii

Le Son Des Stigmates

Cassette version of the first full-length offering of Sektarism's Assembly.

About 45 minutes of Holy Ritual Doom. Total transcendence in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana!

Pro manufactured tape with pro printed booklet.
Handumbered and limited to 99 copies.

09/05/2013 - La Chute des Corps :

"Caduta Dei Gravi"

CD Digipack - NECRO-008

Out now on Necrocosm

Deluxe version including a 18-page-booklet-poster and an exclusive track "Co(r)ps",
co-released with Le Crepuscule du Soir.

New french industrial metal project, featuring ex-Danishmendt and Opium Dream Estate members.

"Caduta Dei Gravi" (The fall of the corpses) is between dark and noise musics,
where industrial orgy, balancing between sickened slowness and noisy jumble, suddenly appears.
The temptation to shout the insults endured by our flesh, is then rushing into it…

"Caduta dei gravi" (La chute des corps) se trouve à la croisée des musiques sombres et bruitistes,
où s’invitent brutalement des orgies industrielles qui oscillent entre lenteur maladive et fatras sonore.
La tentation de chanter les affronts que subissent nos chairs y sombre alors…

Avant-garde metal, exploring the fields of doom, noise or even darkwave, with french and german lyrics.

Listen and discover: "Abri d'Infortune (Trou Noir)"

Saison de Rouille is looking for gigs.
If interested, please contact us.

Death is Art

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