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15/12/2017 - Hangman :

02/12/2017 - A.N.T.I. :


Hooded Sweat-Shirt

Out now!

Logo on front and A.N.T.I. on the back

Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

TS & Girly back in stock

Diapsiquir est mort?

26/11/2017 - New Battlesk'rs merch in distribution :

"Satanic Resistance"


Brand: "Just Hood"

Both sleeves and Hood are printed

released by

You May Not Believe In Satan
But He Believes In You

25/11/2017 - New Battlesk'rs merch in distribution :

available now:

"Evangelikum Warchangel"

TS & Girly

(Fruit of the loom)

(Brand: Awdys)

Reprint of an old cult and ultra limited ANTAEUS shirt

Design by E & S (Sweden)

released by


18/09/2017 - Absolute Evil :

"Absolute Evil"

Hooded Sweat-Shirt

Out now!

TS & Girly back in stock

26/07/2017 - Au Nom de l'Ignominie :

SEKTARISM's 2nd full length out now!

"La Mort de l'Infidèle"

CD deluxe 12 panel Digicross limited to 499 copies

DLP Black vinyl version including A2 poster & 2 printed inner bags limited to 300 copies

DLP clear vinyl version including A2 poster & 2 printed inner bags limited to 99 copies

DLP Die-hard Gold vinyl limited to 66 copies

released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

26/07/2017 - Die-Hard Gold Edition limited to 66 copies :

26/07/2017 - Digicross CD :

23/07/2017 - Sahluqtu Archives :

We have received some releases from Sahluqtu Archives in distribution

including copies of

"La Mort de l'Infidèle"
Gold tape

with a 10-panel J-card.
Limited to 200 copies.

also available in distribution from Sahluqtu Archives:

EUCHARIST "Endarkenment" Tape

Je Prie, Je meurs...

23/07/2017 - OSCULUM INFAME "The Axis of Blood" CD second press in stock :

Second pressing out now!

"The Axis of Blood"

CD Digisleeve

SK'R026CD-RE - 2017

6 panel digisleeve with a 20 page booklet, second pressing of 500 copies

This version has some differences in comparison of the first press.

Listen the track Kaoïst Serpentis :

regular price: 13 €


BATTLESK'RS Prodz is exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.

Also distributed by:
Cargo (UK)
My Dark Desires (Brazil)
Season of Mist (France)


14/04/2017 - Conscience, Révolte... :

Out now:
SEKTARISM "La Mort de l'Infidèle" CD/DLP & TS/HS/Totebag

28/12/2016 - new Zanjeer Zani release available :

"Les Voûtes"


Deluxe set edition

including cards and a piece of an old ink pad in a special envelope
limited to 99 handnumbered copies.

March 27th 2015 was a date of choice for Sektarism. The congregation made one of its first ceremony in Paris, co-headlining a night organized by its long-time friends and supporters from Le Fleuve Mécanique. The scene was set at Les Voûtes, an old industrial vault with a unique atmosphere, alongside a gathering of experimental artists such as Helel (for a listening session of their last tape), Concrete Flesh and Ensemble S.A.I. . Our Holy Ritual Doom was merged with some of the best that harsh noise and contemporary music can offer, a demanding and special mix of musical integrism. This event ended as one of Sektarism’s most powerful and immersive ceremony ever, a paroxysm of devotion hopefully recorded.

The result was so satisfying that Sektarism decided to release this recording as a testimony of both this remarkable celebration and the bonds that link us to all the artists that shared the stage this night.

Strictly limited, ‘Les Voûtes’ is a taped declaration of spiritual frenzy and musical fanaticism.
A mark of excellence to push the boundaries of extreme music.

Le 27 Mars 2015 fût une date de choix pour Sektarism. La congregation fît un de ses premiers concerts à Paris, en co-tête d’affiche d’une nuit organisée par nos vieux amis et soutiens du Fleuve Mécanique. L’évènement eût place aux Voûtes, un ancien entrepôt industriel voûté à l’atmosphère unique, aux côtés d’un rassemblement unique d’artistes tels que Helel (pour une écoute de leur dernière oeuvre), Concrete Flesh ou l’Ensemble S.A.I. . Notre Doom Rituel se mélangeât pour le meilleur les sonorités harsh noise et contemporaine des autres formations, soit un assemblage d’intégrisme musical. Cet évènement fût également l’une des cérémonies les plus intense et immersive de Sektarism, un paroxysme de dévotion heureusement enregistré.

Le résultat en a été si satisfaisant que Sektarism a décidé de le diffuser, comme un témoignage de cette célébration remarquable comme des liens forts qui nous unissent aux artistes qui ont partagé cette scène avec nous.

Strictement limitée, ‘Les Voûtes’ est une déclaration de folie spirituelle et de fanatisme musical.
Une marque d’excellence qui repousse les limites de la musique extrème.

released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

Digital + Tape version
also available via our bandcamp:

Le Fleuve de l'Ignominie est intarissable.

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