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01/03/2016 - Battlesk'rs merch available :


TS & Girly

B&C Collection
Model: B&C DNM Plug In

Black print on grey shirt

produced by
Battlesk'rs Prodz.


29/02/2016 - available in exclusive distribution :

Rejoignez Notre Temple - Purple


B&C Collection For Women
B&C Too Chic model

Great quality shirt with special sleeves.

Black print on purple shirt.

produced by
Zanjeer Zani.

29/02/2016 - Ignominious Sigil :

Ignominious Sigil


Design by Manuel Tinnemans for Comaworx

High quality - Size: 10/10 cm

produced by
Zanjeer Zani.

28/02/2016 - A Death Metal Jewel in distribution :

"Prelude to Apocalypse"


limited to 300 copies

It is widely known that quality doesn’t necessarily rime with quantity. And it is of course preferable to deal with an artist who releases few but memorable productions than one who spams its scene with countless generic ones. In its very brief career, Disciples of Mockery was of the first kind. Prelude to Apocalypse is their one and only album, but it surely is a blast!
Found around 1998 by death metal legend Craig Pillard -formerly known as vocalist of the mighty Incantation- it is nothing less than a death metal lesson. Merciless riffs, cavernous roars and unstoppable hammerings, everything here is crafted to push the audience’s tolerance to its limits. This is death metal in one of its purest forms: a blind, relentless execution of metallic aggression.
From Incantation to Disma (amongst other projects), Craig Pillard has set himself as a man to deal with in the field of extreme metal. And Prelude to Apocalypse is a beast worthy of its master.

An uncompromising expression of war and distress,
that should get the attention of everyone into real extreme metal.

21/02/2016 - Soon in distribution :
DARVULIA "Mysticisme Macabre"

Gatefold LP edition including poster.
Released by Battlesk'rs Productions in putrid conspiracy with Nuclear War Now!

Available in exclusive european distribution in March

05/02/2016 - available in exclusive distribution :


White border
High quality embroidered patch
3.50 / 14 cm
50 copies

5 €

released by
Zanjeer Zani.


31/01/2016 - available now :

"Hosanna Sathana"

Hooded Sweat Zipped

(Sizes: S->XXL)

40 €

produced by ZZP.

Zanjeer Zani Productions

- Slow Musick For Elegant People -

30/01/2016 - Back in stock :

"100% Satan & Negativism"

Hooded Sweat Zipped
(Sizes: S->XXL)

45 €

produced by Battlesk'rs Prodz.


24/01/2016 - To Preserve & Promote :

Since their first appearance on the 2005 « Crushing the Holy Trinity » compilation, and with only three albums released, polish duet MGLA has already left a lasting impression on modern black metal. Supported from the very start by the notorious label Northern Heritage (Clandestine Blaze, Satanic Warmaster, Deathspell Omega, Baptism, Ildjarn…) they pushed forward the traditions with a very personal approach of darkness and coldness. Razor-like riffs, philosophical lyrics, ghostly atmospheres and a complete absence of compromise made MGLA a cult in only a handful of releases. Their last effort, Exercises in futility, is nothing but a new take on black arts, still haunting and challenging but cleverly mixed with modern elements. “Post black metal” would be an inappropriate term to define this opus as it wouldn’t embrace all of MGLA’s complexity. It would better be described as a surreal journey, a musical analysis, a fall in the ugliest pits of the mind where somehow the divine light may reflect…

Necrocosm is proud to offer their most notorious works in distribution, as bands as MGLA incarnate everything black metal is about, and everything we stand for: dedication, personality, aura, insight and a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. To preserve and promote black metal’s purity without falling in the limitative clichés of the genre is our crusade, and MGLA ranks amongst the most respectable defenders of this Temple. Enter in their realm…

18/01/2016 - Collectors section :


we have added a new section in our e-store.

Now you can easily take a look to all collectors items we have in distribution:


We will try to update this section regularly.

We have sold our souls.

17/01/2016 - LES APÔTRES DE L'IGNOMINIE - Sigil - Embroidered Patch :

available and exclusively distributed by Necrocosm:


Circular embroidered Patch
Size: 10 cm
High quality

5 €

released by Battlesk'rs Prodz.


14/01/2016 - We have sold our souls. :

We have sold our souls.

Now each week, you'll find our selection of collectors on our e-store.

We know some prices are fukking high, although our prices try to stay the lowest for these kind of records.

And we will try to invest this money for the best in our upcoming releases to support the following acts on our various labels:
Diapsiquir, Mhönos, Antaeus, Malhkebre, Aosoth, Darvulia, Osculum Infame, Helel, Sektarism & Monarch.

We have sold our souls and we are fukking proud of it.

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