2018/08/05 - Lvx In Tenebris Tour - updated

2018/04/21 - Une Nouvelle Lame

"Hosanna Sathana"

Limited to 296 Handnumbered copies.

Including: A2 Poster, Printed innersleeve & etching on B side.

2nd opus of Holy Ritual Doom Drone for the first time on vinyl.


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

2018/03/17 - LXXXVII


6 panel booklet

Stricly limited to 100 handnumbered copies

Including a woven patch, sizes: 10 cm / 5 cm

4 years after the release of their critically acclaimed album "Humiliati", MHÖNOS emerge once more from their crypt to unveil their newest monumental work of doom entitled "LXXXVII".

Dirgey, pounding, cryptic and sometimes flirting with industrial atmospheres, this latest offering shows a more mature side of MHÖNOS and confirms once more their position as a pillaring force in the french doom metal scene.

Recorded by Julien Bous at Postghost Recordings Studios, mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Featuring artwork by Samuel Antonin.


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

2018/02/23 - Black Phlegm is Coming to Flood Your Town :

2018/02/20 - New Upcoming Live Rituals

2018/01/01 - "Dirty and Aggressive" is one of our Law - Our latest release is available

"Black Phlegm"

CD 6 panel Digipak limited to 500 copies

SOYUZ BEAR 1st full length out now!

Raw & Dirty Sludge from Toulouse France
Worship Murder & Satan!

Also available HS, TS, Girly & Patch

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

2017/07/26 - SEKTARISM "La Mort de l'Infidèle" CD/DLP - ZZP014

New releases out now!

"La Mort de l'Infidèle"

CD deluxe 12 panel Digicross limited to 499 copies

DLP Black vinyl version including A2 poster & 2 printed inner bags limited to 300 copies

DLP clear vinyl version including A2 poster & 2 printed inner bags limited to 99 copies

DLP Die-hard Gold vinyl limited to 66 copies

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions (exclusive distributor)
Aesthetic Death (UK)
Cargo Records (UK)
Season of Mist (France)

2017/07/26 - Die-Hard Gold Edition limited to 66 copies

2017/07/26 - Digicross CD

2017/04/14 - new offering available in pre-order

Necrocosm has just started to take pre-order on

SEKTARISM "La Mort de l'Infidèle" CD/DLP & TS/HS/Totebag

2017/04/13 - Brûle l'Hérétique

2017/04/13 - Conscience, Révolte, Perte du moi

2016/12/29 - We are proud to present you our latest release:

2016/12/28 -

"Les Voûtes"


Deluxe set edition

including cards and a piece of an old ink pad in a special envelope
limited to 99 handnumbered copies.

March 27th 2015 was a date of choice for Sektarism. The congregation made one of its first ceremony in Paris, co-headlining a night organized by its ling-time friends and supporters from Le Fleuve Mécanique. The scene was set at Les Voûtes, an old industrial vault with a unique atmosphere, alongside a gathering of experimental artists such as Helel (for a listening session of their last tape), Concrete Flesh and Ensemble S.A.I. . Our Holy Ritual Doom was merged with some of the best that harsh noise and contemporary music can offer, a demanding and special mix of musical integrism. This event ended as one of Sektarism’s most powerful and immersive ceremony ever, a paroxysm of devotion hopefully recorded.

The result was so satisfying that Sektarism decided to release this recording as a testimony of both this remarkable celebration and the bonds that link us to all the artists that shared the stage this night.

Strictly limited, ‘Les Voûtes’ is a taped declaration of spiritual frenzy and musical fanaticism.
A mark of excellence to push the boundaries of extreme music.

Le 27 Mars 2015 fût une date de choix pour Sektarism. La congregation fît un de ses premiers concerts à Paris, en co-tête d’affiche d’une nuit organisée par nos vieux amis et soutiens du Fleuve Mécanique. L’évènement eût place aux Voûtes, un ancien entrepôt industriel voûté à l’atmosphère unique, aux côtés d’un rassemblement unique d’artistes tels que Helel (pour une écoute de leur dernière oeuvre), Concrete Flesh ou l’Ensemble S.A.I. . Notre Doom Rituel se mélangeât pour le meilleur les sonorités harsh noise et contemporaine des autres formations, soit un assemblage d’intégrisme musical. Cet évènement fût également l’une des cérémonies les plus intense et immersive de Sektarism, un paroxysme de dévotion heureusement enregistré.

Le résultat en a été si satisfaisant que Sektarism a décidé de le diffuser, comme un témoignage de cette célébration remarquable comme des liens forts qui nous unissent aux artistes qui ont partagé cette scène avec nous.

Strictement limitée, ‘Les Voûtes’ est une déclaration de folie spirituelle et de fanatisme musical.
Une marque d’excellence qui repousse les limites de la musique extrème.

released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by

also available via:
Le Fleuve Mécanique (France)
Gjoell (Russia)

Le Fleuve de l'Ignominie est intarissable.

2016/12/27 - MMXV

2016/12/26 - Raw, Hypnotic & Ugly


ZZP013 - Pro-tape

limited to 100 handnumbered copies
including a silk-screened patch & a sticker


Raw, hypnotic and ugly, this is certainly how to describe Soyuz Bear’s sound the best. Rising from the dirty streets of the heretic city of Toulouse, the quartet spreads cavernous and trance-like sludge/doom metal. Having grown by eating from the filthy breasts of Eyehategod and the likes, these young bastards yield mammoth-massive riffs to crush your mind and make your neck break in pain. They do it with efficiency and personnality, yet they accept no compromises to make their sound enjoyable. This is harsh, putrid and grotesque, the way it should be !
Zanjeer Zani is proud to release their first effort on tape. This demo MMXV comes with bonus material and a silk-screened patch, limited to 100 copies only. Rotten sound, urban oppresion and alcoholic decadence, this is the soundtrack to your depravation !


Crue, hypnotique et laid sont sûrement les meilleurs adjectifs pour décrire le son de Soyuz Bear. Emergeant des rues sales de Toulouse l’hérétique, le quartet propage un sludge/doom metal aussi caverneux que porteur de trance. S’étant nourris au sein putride d’Eyehategod et des meilleurs noms du genre, ces jeunes batards produisent des riffs mamouthesques qui écrasent votre esprit et accable votre nuque de douleur. Ils le font avec efficacité et personnalité, sans accepter aucun compromis visant à rendre le son plus accessible. Cette demo est crue, putride et grotesque, comme il se doit !
Zanjeer Zani est fier de sortir leur première demo K7, assortie d’un patch sérigraphié, le tout limité à 100 copies. Un son pourrissant, une oppression urbaine qui vous hante et construit une lente décadence alcoolique, voici la bande son de votre dépravation !

exclusively distributed by NECROCOSM,
distributors contact them for wholesale prices.

and via their bandcamp:

also available via:
Le Fleuve Mécanique (France)
Gjoell (Russia)

"Smell their Chernofog"

2016/07/19 - new SEKTARISM TS & Girly out now


TS & Girly

Great design by Dehn Sora

Brand: B & C Collection
T-shirt: Model: For men B&C Too Chic
Girly: Model: B&C Love Madness

distributed by

We have also back in stock lots old TS, HS, and Girly.

"Slow & Dirty"

2016/05/07 - MHÖNOS "Miserere Nostri" CD Digisleeve out now

2016/05/06 -

"Miserere Nostri"

CD Digisleeve

ZZP005-CD - 6 panels

Music is an obscure and ambiguous discipline, whom forms reflect in full light the mysteries of the soul. As most of the art forms, it deals with the paradox of the materialization of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It reveals what is hidden, dives deep in the depths of mind, and bring back its ghosts to the surface for everyone to see.

And this is what Mhönos’ music is: a slow drowning, an immersion, a quest and a profession of faith. It seeks and evokes ghosts of times forgotten, horrors of a religious nature and the subsequent human fears and beliefs. A droning litany of pain from souls fallen from grace. Choirs, strings and percussions used to evoke a tenebrous mysticism and summon an impure state of trance amongst the believers.
This French congregation saw the light in 2009 and quickly created its own cult. Limited releases and stunning live performances (that should NOT be mistaken with regular “concerts”) gathered an audience of curious fanatics, and made Mhönos a spearhead of everything disturbing, audacious and true in the fields of black arts.

After having released their first effort, “Miserere Nostri”, on tape in 2014, Zanjeer Zani is proud to give it a new incarnation on cd format. A noble digisleeve with enhanced artwork limited to 500 copies to spread the Gospel of graceful filth.
In this world of pain and shit, the divine misery is our only escape. Flagellate yourself, burn incense and pray, for the Day of Revelation comes close!


Construite autour d'une formule humaine et instrumentale minimale, se voulant extirpée du black metal orthodoxe, Miserere Nostri est une psalmodie louant le dénuement, l'introspection. Pensée et organisée autour d'une symétrie entre les ténèbres et la lumières, la messe traverse le labyrinthe de la conscience, conduite par la reptation de multiples couches de basses, sans aucun rythme de percussion, parfois éclairée par les voix et le clavier, vers l'invocation finale d'une hypnotique vérité.
Extinction pour ne plus rien ressentir, affranchissement des égos, libération par le vide, flagellation pour hurler à la vie, transcendance par la solitude.
Aïe pitié de nous.


exclusively distributed by Necrocosm,
distributors contact them for wholesale prices.

soon available through:
CARGO Records (UK)
DEAD SEED (France)


2016/05/05 - SEKTARISM "Ignominious Sigil" TS & Girly out now

2016/05/05 -

2016/05/05 -

"Ignominious Sigil"

TS & Girly

Killer Design by Manuel Tinnemans for Comaworx

Brand: B & C Collection
Model: B & C Exact 150

Brand: B&C Collection
Model: For Women B&C Orchid /W.

distributed by

2016/04/15 - Ignominious Sigil

"Ignominious Sigil"


Design by Manuel Tinnemans for Comaworx

High quality - Size: 10/10 cm

distributed by

2016/04/13 - new merch out now

"Hosanna Sathana"

Hooded Sweat Zipped

(Sizes: S->XXL)

40 €

distributed by Necrocosm.

2016/04/13 - Rejoignez Notre Temple
"Rejoignez Notre Temple"


B&C Collection For Women
B&C Too Chic model

Great quality shirt with special sleeves.

Black print on purple shirt.

produced by
Zanjeer Zani.

distributed by

2016/04/13 - Punition Divine

Punition Divine

TS & Girly

"Fruit of the loom" Valueweight
black shirt with brown print.

"Punition Divine" cover on the front

& on the back:

"Ce n'est que dans le désarroi le plus profond
que l'âme exhale la compréhension divine"

distributed by

2016/04/12 - SEKTARISM new logo patch


White border
High quality embroidered patch
3.50 / 14 cm
50 copies

5 €

distributed by


2016/04/01 - Signing Policy

We have been active as underground labels for more than fifteen years. In this time lapse we took pleasure and pride to discover new talents, passionate artists and emancipated creators with whom we worked -and still work with for some of them. Finding new and original bands, animated by their sincere faith in Black Arts, and promoting them is our duty.
But things sometimes change, and to this day we don’t feel anymore the urge of fresh blood. Our roster is complete, our activities planned, and we are not anymore in search of new talents. Our signing policy is, for the times to come: no new signatures. Unless your work is absolute genius and have a stellar potential, we won’t sign your band and work with you. We already have our own agenda including our current collaborators to whom we want to give 100% of our time and means.

Anyway, we thank you for the interest you may manifest in our label. You can still feel free to send us recordings, demos or any material you esteem representative of your work (preferably on physical format), but please understand that no answers are due from our part. We may manifest (miracles sometime happen, and times will come when we will need again new bands), but we more surely won’t. This doesn’t mean that your art is worthless, but more simply that we have no time nor energy to give to it.


2015/11/09 - The Witch is Back


Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP011-2

1st full-length of this new french stoner/doom sensation! Enter in their world...

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm (www.necrocosm.org).


2015/11/09 - out now: SEKTARISM



Size: 7 cm / 1 cm

Limited to 50 copies

co-released with Mors Omnibvs (Mexico).

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm (www.necrocosm.org).

2015/03/09 - new distributor in United-Kingdom

Zanjeer Zani is now distributed by Cargo Records in United-Kingdom.

2015/01/30 - Ex Nihilo... Ad Nihilum...



6 panel-booklet - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies.

The masterpiece of these french ritual drone doom fanatics!


Exclusively distributed by


Enter in their Chapel

2015/01/24 - End of the Ritual


2015/01/04 - The Void
The following releases are Sold-Out:

CULT OF OCCULT "s/t" Tape - ZZP009-MC
MHÖNOS "Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae" Tape - ZZP007
MHÖNOS "Goat" TS & Girly

2014/11/29 - SEKTARISM "Hosanna Sathana" BAG out now

Perfect to bring your LP's with you or your ritual clothes.

natural cotton bag 135 gr - color black with white printing

design by Mortuus for Holy Poison

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.
2014/11/28 - new distributors



2014/11/21 - Follow the Witch


Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP011

1st full-length of this new french stoner/doom sensation! Enter in their world...

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm (www.necrocosm.org).


2014/07/28 - new SEKTARISM's merch out now

Exclusively distributed through Necrocosm :

"Chapelet Discipline"

T-Shirt, Girly


Hooded Zip
(Fruit of the loom or Kariban)

Design by Valnoir of Metastazis Studio

white print

Year : 2014
Available sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL

2014/07/27 - T-shirt

Gildan heavy shirt

2014/07/26 - Girly

Gildan ladysoft

2014/07/25 - SEKTARISM's patch

High quality woven patch - dark grey
9.50 cm / 13 cm

Also exclusively distributed through Necrocosm.

2014/07/24 - white version also available

2014/07/23 - CULT OF OCCULT "Hell Hate Booze Forever" TS & Girly - SOLD OUT !!!

2014/02/14 - ARGH! Fest - 25 & 25th of April - Tallinn - Estonia
2014/01/20 - Next Sektarism's Ceremony
2014/01/05 - Releases sold-out

HABSYLL & MHÖNOS "Miserere Nostri" Tapes Sold-Out!

2013/08/08 - CULT OF OCCULT


Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP009-MC

The first full-length of these french doom freakz at last available on cassette.

Listen "Blurry and Muzzy"

Exclusively distributed by "Necrocosm".

2013/08/07 - also new merch out now:

"Hell Hate Booze Forever"

T-Shirt & Girly

Sizes: S, M, L & XL

2013/05/09 - Le Son des Stigmates
now available under license Zanjeer Zani productions on:


blessing xiii

Le Son Des Stigmates

Cassette version of the first full-length offering of Sektarism's Assembly.

About 45 minutes of Holy Ritual Doom. Total transcendence in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana!

Pro manufactured tape with pro printed booklet.
Handumbered and limited to 99 copies.

Distributed by:
Nomos Dei (Russia),
Orthodox (Russia)

2013/05/06 - New Ritual out now

"Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae"

Pro-tape - 6 panel-booklet - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP007

The new french masters of Doom Drone Ritual are back with a new long track.
Their best release so far!

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm (www.necrocosm.org).

2013/04/26 - Dirty Book

You can now follow Zanjeer Zani on Facebook

2013/01/03 - Slow & Dirty Forever

We are working on the new opus of the french maniacs of MHÖNOS.

"Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae"

will be out on pro-tape and handnumbered limited to 100 copies.

2013/01/03 - Cult of Occult

We are proud to announce that we will release on pro-tape the first opus of the french terrorists: CULT OF OCCULT!